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  1. Happy Birthday grilly!

  2. Happy Birthday grilly!

  3. Happy Birthday grilly!

  4. last night at the Willie Concert Today
  5. I broke down after seeing M's Yellow dial Seawolf and ordered one from Andrew. Swiss on rubber and I can't friggin wait, but I'm wondering. Does anybody have a seawolf from Andrew and have you taken it in the water? Is it really good for just your normal pool/beach? That's what I intended it for.
  6. Hate to ramble here, but I posted the same question 6 months ago and I'm in a mood to post:) Unless you have owned a PVD watch before, I would be really sure that is what you want before you buy one. Try one on somewhere to see how it looks on the wrist first. PVD watches are funny. They can look sweet as hell in pics, but if you not used to them they can look awkward to some folks. I've seen people go out and spend $800 on a PVD pam and a PVD Skyland to turn around and sell them a month later for a major loss just because they didn't realize how they would look on the wrist. Some things to think about.
  7. I'm not sure if you are set on a Pam or not, but I would browse the forums a bit more before you go with a Pam as a first rep. I've been a member for 7 months or so and now have 10 reps and I love all of them. If I were you I would go with a nice Breitling Skyland Avenger V3 or Swiss SFSO. These two watches are perfect IMO. The can be matched up with a SS bracelet for all occasions, a rubber strap for the summer look, or a nice custom leather strap for a more dressy look. Your common civilian will not know a Breitling and will think it's the most kick a$$ watch they ever seen, it will take either a fellow rep aficionado or an AD to spot the "tells", and you yourself will sometimes forget it's a rep. There not cheap, but you can also find them for very reasonable prices if you hunt around. The Omega UPO is a nice watch, but Omega is more well known and the crystal will need chief's AR treatment for the crystal or it's a major tell IMO. Only reason I try to steer new members away from Pams right off the bat is because once you buy one, next thing you know you have 4 Pams, 9 straps, and no money:) You can't go wrong with a Breitling. I love em.
  8. The lume is not really blue, it's just my crappy lume shot skills. It works like a torch though. thanks for the great comments.
  9. Just got this back from Vac. I knew I wanted Gunny's Pilot strap for this as soon as I saw it. Two months in the making from purchase of the watch to the final product, but my BP is finally alive. By the way, this freaking strap is sweet. The Vintage on this watch is just too classy. Rookie Lume shot for kicks
  10. I'm on the hunt for a 195 or a 201 PVD at this very moment. I already have the strap on order. As for the "fiddy", I'm still not sold on the 47mm Pams. I'm a fairly big guy at 6'1 200lbs, but I don't have Stallone's wrists. I'm not sure I could pull it off. I like them and I know you can do crazy stuff w/ straps, but I think I'll stick with the 44mm as long as they will hold me, though I'm sure it won't be long until I have to try a Radiomir. Thanks for the compliments and input.
  11. You guys know the story. Joined up mostly feeling Omegas and Breitlings. Saw some pics, read some reviews over the past 6 months and here I am. I am addicted to Pams. I can't stop myself. Here are the first three which make up my full rotation while my Skyland, SA, and UPO ride the pine. It's kinda sad, in a great way:) Any thoughts on the 207A on that strap? First up, DSN 207a on a Heroic 18 Poseidon. Love this watch. Next up the 111e with some Vacclum action on a SC Legend strap Lastly, 176 TI fresh off the boards on Gunny CaitlanII. Gunny is working on a Vernon for this badboy as we speak.
  12. I'm rolling new straps this weekend. Today I'm on the 111e. Tomorrow I'm back to the skyland
  13. Thanks Rhack1. I picked up a 22mm Breitling buckle here off the boards. Yea, this is Peter's V3 and I love it. I was a little worried about the Mona with the Blue dial at first, but I think it came together nicely.
  14. My straps from Gunny arrived today and first thing I did was strap up the Mona on my Skyland. I don't think this thing will be coming off anytime soon. That's another Gunny strap (CaitlanII) on my 111e.
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