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  1. Huh, the drag'n' drop actually works. Well, here are the shots of Build #3, now in a jmb case. Plus a special guest for comparative purposes...
  2. Hi, everyone. Lo' emailed me about this thread, so I just wanted to jump in and say hello. I wish I could post a few photos of my old pieces, but unfortunately I still haven't gotten my picture-hosting situation sorted out! Rest assured, I still have all of them. Never gonna give them up. I did make a revision to one of the builds--specifically, the one that used a Datejust 16203 case, genuine dial, and Tudor Sub hands. Why? Here's the interesting bit: A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting jmb. I had a business trip to Dallas, and I'd always wanted to meet all of m
  3. If only you'd offered me that job as your assistant, L! Likewise! Glad to see the old folks still holding down the fort. And speaking of old folks... My favorite dancing bear! Thanks! Lots to catch up on.
  4. Yes, you remember correctly. White text, silver "Space-Dweller" and just a gorgeous dial for the money. Wrong, as it turns out, but gorgeous! [Yes, I've still got that watch because I don't sell anything.] Glad to see so many familiar faces are still around here! Sorry for not checking in more often; it took someone PMing me about a 1016 build to finally log on. Life has kept me busy, with less time and money for these projects. It's not so much that I got poorer; it's these damn vintage Rolex prices that have gotten ridiculous! I'm looking forward to see what's changed in the last
  5. Hey, J! All the photos I've seen of the originals show gilt. I think InGod44 based his dial on one of the auction shots that made the Space-Dweller look matte.
  6. I hate how they always [censored] around with the subdial numbers, but front-side Snoopy looks good (and lumed!) and the overall impression is very nice. Tempting!
  7. Things got hectic in the last few months, and I lost touch with one of my favorite subforums. Hope all is well with you, J! I still dream of a similar build one day but, like the OP says, everything hinges on the right dial.
  8. This is really stunning, and the dial is just... [Picture a stereotypical Italian chef kissing his fingertips.] MWAH! Congratulations on a fantastic build!
  9. But it takes a year to build a Rolex!!!
  10. What jmb said. Also note that both T21 and T22 (and a whole mess of other crystals) were originally domes before becoming flatter, faceted crystals in later years. Rolex being Rolex, it makes no distinction between the two types in its nomenclature. Ish: Using a T22 on a Daytona would require a tremendous amount of trimming of the bezel's inner edge. Far better to use one of the many aftermarket T21 options.
  11. Great build with an amazing dial, rolojack! What would put it over the top is if you could find "dagger" hands for the hour and minute totalizers. (And if you could find a supplier for those, I'd have a good reason to revisit my dormant 6239 build...)
  12. NDTrading used to carry a nice 6610 dial with OCC text. I'm not sure if it's still available, and I can't seem to access the website.
  13. It is, in fact, a DW 6263, albino dial, running an Asian 7750. For several months, I had one that belonged to alligoat--in a futile attempt to get the movement serviced cheaply. It's a real beauty, so congratulations! And big thumbs up to your anonymous benefactor.
  14. I dunno, man. I'm more about quality than quantity.
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