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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday zaza!

  2. Nanuq's trick might actually work. It's just that I don't like artificial solutions, and fake patina color is just fake patina.. Try to bake it in the oven for 1 hr at 220 degrees. On a UK website there have been guys experimenting with this, some have been leaving it in longer and getting different colors on both pearl and insert, a nice brown can be achieved with longer baking, I've done it with 30 minutes at 250 degrees for my 5514 COMEX build and got a nice vintage pearl effect without damaging the insert.
  3. Admin

    Happy Birthday zaza!

  4. I was just browsing CL and this listing came out. I thought to spread the word. Good luck http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/jwd/4210664320.html
  5. wtf.. what are the major tells Lion? Please share. He bought it from some guy in Vegas in 2007.. lol whatever. and what about the certificates and papers. Can those be replicated too? Thanks buddy
  6. I didn't like that insinuation either Lion. besides the fact that the guy's acct. is only a month old on the Bay.. Idk. This is crazy
  7. Comrades, friends and fellow replicans, I'm seeking your expertise once again. Another 1665 case set (midcase and CB) has floated onto the surface. Seller claims it's 100% original. 1978 circa. Will you take a look for me? Pictures attached. Much appreciated.
  8. CLASSIC! Please tell me yours is GEN. Nanuq! lol but It's well justified..
  9. Thanks Fred! Just sent him a request for a clear full frontal shot
  10. Afternoon Denim! About the age, He says it belonged to his original 1665 GW Circa 1979. He had it replaced recently with a GEN NOS one and so this one needs to go. Good point about the friction ring! What do you think of the bezel teeth? deep and nicely defined as they should? I used to follow a thread here w/ comparative shots of Gen. vs Phong or something, but I lost the link.. Here is another shot from the back:
  11. Until my friend Valty gets back at me, I thought to consult our venerable Gurus on RWG and seek advice. This part is offered to me as Genuine 1665 Great White Complete Bezel set of which I've been in hot pursuit. Seller seems like a decent guy, but it's always good to check. Fellow members who lack enough knowledge, please don't issue your Fatwa, as it might lead into confusion. Thanks
  12. Dude, the project is halted. You can't get it. There was a batch of a few samples and that's it. Sent from my  Typøs are courtesy of iPhone Autocorrect
  13. zaza


    Lol.. No that's not what he meant.. Sent from my  Typøs are courtesy of iPhone Autocorrect
  14. zaza


    By all means Pete. My friend is a professional photographer. Ill consign the watch to him to take real shots Thanks for the sweet compliments gents. Sent from my  Typøs are courtesy of iPhone Autocorrect
  15. zaza


    State of the art J! Wear it well Sent from my  Typøs are courtesy of iPhone Autocorrect
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