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  1. Hello Sir, I am interested in the highest replica rolex submariner, would you be the one I talk to ?

    1. mc299


      Does anyone have an information on how to get a hold of TC for a sub?

  2. Two years ago, TC Sub V6 was born. That specific date is Aug 25, 2014. With the birth of the V6 it caused quite a sensation on the forums. Many members claimed the V6 was almost perfect, gen like, some even said to me the work is done. I cannot deny the fact with the help of my Scottish friend supplying the Kensington High dials, it really took TC Sub a major leap forward. Still from time to time, I receive emails from members asking me what are the differences between TC and those $200-$300 rep Submariners they got. I loathe questions like that. But to answer the quest
  3. If each and every Rolex Submariner has a soul, it dwells here. It's soul is ever so pure and bright. It is an enchantment whenever one looks at it. On my quest pursuing the perfect Submariner, I traveled the world seeking the best craftsmen. The best craftsmen to give TC Sub a pretty face. The best craftsmen to give TC Sub precision functioning guts. The best craftsmen to give TC Sub a healthy built body. The best craftsmen to give TC Sub elaborate limbs. TC Sub before TC Insert V2 was a beautiful woman lacking the refined spirit. Although hardly noticeable to untrained eyes, seasoned c
  4. I had to take half day off rushing back home to my work bench the other day to build this piece, I called it "TC Elabore 2824 Yacht Master 16622". Before the British dial maker brought KH 16610 Dial to this community, he showed great interest in vintage Rolex Rolesium Yacht-Master 16622. He wanted to know if he could produce the vintage Yacht-Master dials, would I build a couple of YM for him and the family. Of course I would. I thought it was easy. All I need to do was to buy a couple of Factory Direct Yacht-Master from my Chinese friend. I was naive and not knowing how the Chinese repdom had
  5. Rolex holding the crown position in the watchmaking industry has its reason - it produces "Les Beaux Arts". The moment I unpacked this dial on my work bench, a French phrase rang in my head - "Les Beaux Arts". I couldn't help but gave the dial a good half an hour gaze, trying to figure out the materials and the work processes to produce this little piece of art. I checked all the watch forums, gen or rep together, and learned that gen Yacht-Master 16622 dial is made of a slice of solid platinum. Like the 50th Anniversary Submariner 16610LV insert, gen 16622 dial reflects different glare
  6. Many members asked "Is the 2014 TC Submariner 16610LV dial quality on par with your KH16610 dial?" I'll let the close ups do the talking. The updated 16610LV hands set. I'll just call them TC LV Hands Set V2. Lume shot. Thanks for reading. TC 11/06/14
  7. Last week while I was on a routine business trip to Europe, I made a detour to London to visit my dial maker friend in order to picked up this Submariner 16610LV dial. I planed to mount the latest black TC 16610 insert on this Submariner 16610LV but this green 16610LV insert sample just got delivered to my desk yesterday morning. The electro-plating was done in central California. It took the shop owner over half an year to figure out the chemical formula Rolex applied on the 16610LV insert. See how the green shade turned darker when there is no direct light on it? The LV insert ref
  8. I received a batch of inserts from the electro-plating shop last week. I assembled the pearl holder and the corundum pearl on the insert. Gentlemen, meet TC 16610 Insert. Closer. More closer. Side by side with its predecessor, Caddell Vintage Insert. Installed on a TC Sub V6 with Yacht-Master 16622's red second hand. TC 10/19/14
  9. A couple of shots of the new TC 16610 Insert on a TC Sub V6.
  10. I always recommend members to go get a gen 16610 insert for a reason, it is simply just beautiful! Beautiful how? Our eyes and our brains conceive its beauty but we can not always translate that beauty into plain English. My interpretation of that beauty is a flat and matte insert plus a well polished pearl holder plus a shiny corundum pearl. In my quest for the perfect Submariner 16610, the insert along with its pearl has always been a big challenge. This very specific part is actually an assembly of the aluminum insert, the corundum pearl, and the pearl holder. There is luminescent a
  11. A member whom just received his TC Sub V6 emailed me asking why ETA / TC 2824 based TC Sub changes date at noon instead of mid night. I thought it was a joke and felt funny in the beginning. Then I realized it was not a joke at all, I decided to write a proper operation manual for all ETA / TC 2824 based watches. Same operation guidline apply to Sellita SW200 as it shared the same design with ETA / TC 2824 movement and thus inherit the same design flaws. Let's take this TC Sub V6 (with red second from Yacht Master 16622) as demonstration. There are a total of 3 gears on ETA / TC 2824 mov
  12. About this time last year, TC Sub club faced a huge challenge. I was running out of usable TC 16610 and TC 16610LV dials. The dial supplier, due to China's crack down on counterfeits, stopped the rep dial production. The only thing I could do back then was to build each TC 16610 Sub and TC 16610LV Sub from the pile of dials which were taken out from QC issues. I had to first choose a dial with no scratch on the surface and then piece by piece re do the indices to the dial. During that time I wrote a short intro for TC Sub LV Type 3 but skipped the review on the TC Sub V5. I spent most of my
  13. In the past couple of months, some members received their TC Sub V6 reported the movement does not hold power reserve normally. I replaced the ETA part #1488 & part #1530 for the two members whom reported the issue to me. I thought by replacing the two ETA parts would solve the problem and case closed. However, I received more reports on this issue from members, I know something must be wrong with the batch of movement. In the mean time, I found the same problem happened in gen world. This man bought a brand new Oris, which is equipped with ETA 2824-2, encountered the same very rever
  14. Some members have reflected to me about the dial centering issue on the TC Sub V5. I have also explained the whole relationship between the DWO, date window, and the dial alignment in my other article earlier this month. While TC DWO V3 works flawlessly on a 3135 clone due to its exact transfer of date, font, and position of a gen date wheel, it does take a bit more time and skill to have it on the 2824 movement during assembly. In the past, I do a light tab of the dial to center the date window and DWO. However, the slight trade off is the dial will shift a bit to the left by 0.05 (+/- 0.02)
  15. TC 93250 V5 bracelet on Caddell 25-295-C Rouge Gen 93250 (LT3) bracelet on Gen 16610 V-series sans insert. I visited TC 93250 V3 bracelet maker several times from last December until early this month for the development of TC 93250 V5 bracelet and clasp. Members have reported TC 93250 V4 maker were able to make the improvement on the coronet stamp on the clasp but did not possess the quality and skill for the bracelet portion as the TC 93250 V3 maker from China. I was able to persuade the V3 bracelet maker to make proper improvement on the coronet, marrying the merits of V3's SEL a
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