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  1. I think the fact that our tds ship internationally which means their business is riskier pushes their prices up. What happens when customs takes your watch? You get another one. These guys sell mainly to China and the risk of anything going wrong is minimal. So basically if one out of every 10 watches sold by tds goes missing or something goes wrong with, they need to push up the price on all the other watches by 10% And yeah there's a big profit margin. We know that. Sead is selling the 512 for around $70 cheaper than Josh for instance. But good find op I always did wonder how much they added on top because I know the Chinese are fond of their reps like us
  2. The other one looks like it legit sold. Feedback from a buyer as well (buyer has 876 feedback) I wonder if he just makes heaps of them and smashes the sales.
  3. updated link http://www.ebay.com/itm/251661712811
  4. If anyone is hesitating on buying a panerai.. just look at this. The closest you will get to the feeling of holding one in real life. Beautiful! They look so much better in person than in pics!
  5. Dang I wish I got one of these when they were in stock.. Any sources?
  6. My eyes!!! Nice feeling filling up all the slots isn't it Although, I have less slots than you!
  7. Lucky it wasn't a v3 scary how many reps are on fleabay
  8. Hey nice pics i think a new version of this watch has just come out with a not so sunken datewheel you should check it out
  9. Can I just say while this seems like a scam once I bought a bit of technology for $700. It was delivered to the wrong address by the post office and someone signed for it. I enquired with the post office and they said there's nothing we could do it's been delivered and signed for. I eventually guessed that it may have gone to the wrong address (it went to 68 instead of 86) and tried my luck and they had my item. They said they were going to return it to me but who believes them.
  10. Issues: Poor lume on LMPO @ 9? 12 doesn't look too bad Rolex lume at 6? Does the clasp look scratched? I'm no expert. What do you guys think?
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