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  1. My IWC 3777 from Toro

    Beautiful piece, I have one on the way Any idea where I can source a rep Deployment Clasp? Thanks
  2. Tag Heuer Carrera 43mm cal. 1887

    The other model in my post looks so damn fine! Might get me one, let's see
  3. Tag Heuer Carrera 43mm cal. 1887

    Again, thanks for the reply ceejay The other model I was talking about is this: http://www.torobravos2014.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=1887&product_id=1070 Can you spot the any differences between this and the one you mentioned? The SLR looks beautiful btw, I'm too attracted to these 1887 models and I think I might even go gen
  4. Tag Heuer Carrera 43mm cal. 1887

    What a beautiful piece! And great photography skills I see 2 versions of this model on Toro's website with the same description, which one is this? Thanks
  5. Don't know how I missed it! Looks good but you can instantly spot a couple of major flaws. Thanks for sharing ceejay
  6. Hey guys, Saw this baby at an AD last night and fell in love! Looked around the forum for related topics but couldn't find any, my apologies if this has been asked before. Anyone know if this model was repped, or about to be repped? Thanks in advance
  7. LMPO QC Pics - Help!

    Which is?
  8. LMPO QC Pics - Help!

  9. LMPO QC Pics - Help!

    Rolexman what are you talking about?! What's not very nice of you!
  10. LMPO QC Pics - Help!

    Rejected and decided to go with another dealer, but don't know which one, any recommendations folks?
  11. Thanks Toro for a great LMPO

    Not always indywatchguy, I sent him my payment 23 ago ago and was promised new QC within 4-5 days of payment, then it magically turned into 1-2 weeks. And after those 1-2 weeks absolutely no reply for my last 3 emails which were sent a week ago. I chose him after reading the many positive reviews, but this is just unacceptable, he's been replying to other members and for some reason completely ignoring me.
  12. Issues with trusted dealer, is this ok?

    I get what you're saying, if there are no updates sure why nag and just wait. But what if the promised delivery hasn't been met? When they tell you the rep will be there in 1-2 weeks (after giving them their payment), and 2 weeks pass? We can't ask for an update? And even if there are no updates, ignore the emails? This is just ridiculous and very rude
  13. Issues with trusted dealer, is this ok?

    I'm just surprised of how a Dealer with so many positive reviews can act like this Good luck with your issue with him GenTLe
  14. Issues with trusted dealer, is this ok?

    That's exactly what i asked for, first an update since it's been 2 weeks since he told me it needed 2 weeks, then asked for a refund, no reply for any of them. What kind of a dealer would get "Annoyed" from a paying customer? We pay then wait for his highness to do something, and not ask when things go wrong? Regardless of ANYTHING, no dealer should ignore any customer, ESPECIALLY if he has his money.
  15. Issues with trusted dealer, is this ok?

    So this is how it works? A dealer can promise one thing and never deliver, and I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut and not "bother him" about it? Last 3 emails were completely ignored, payment was sent 3 weeks ago, are you guys telling me this is fine?