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  1. same problem here! someone got a solution?
  2. I can't tell anything about the cartel cases or dsn but i just received the new H-Factory O-Series and i think its gorgeous. I will make a little review soon.
  3. So it is done. I ordered it from Andrew. I am so excited:D my first order AND first rep. Hope there will be no problems shipping to germany.
  4. Well first of all thank you! Yes thats the one i am talking about. The Pam 190 that TT offers is also on my list. Since it's exactly the way i want the 183 to look, i even considered buying that one instead. But i am not sure to pull the trigger. It does not look like one of the best reps out there. Can you tell me your opinion? Does anyone made some experience shipping to germany from Andrew / Josh?
  5. Hey guys. i am relatively new to the rep world. Until now i do not even own one. But there is a Pam i really want to get my hands on soon. The Pam 183. I have read a lot of postings concerning this gorgeous Panerai Rep, but could not tell whats what and were to get one that is nice and reliable. Yesterday i stumbled across the new H-Factory Version and now i want to know if anyone with more experience can tell me if this one is worth a try. Since i don't have 5 Postings yet, i can't add some links. But they are available on Andrews website. Joshua even added a Video! I know some p
  6. Welcome to the forums deadaglev :)

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