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  1. I’ve gone for PAM111 on Malio today [emoji1360]
  2. It is hard to replace a 512. She still works but rough as guts. I will need to consider a transplant soon.
  3. Thx bud I’ll check it out. Didn’t realise there was a rep.
  4. Thanks for your insightful response. By dress watch I mean something that fits under a shirt cuff. There’s actually plenty of options from Panerai. My 47mm subs look out of place with a suit.
  5. Thanks bud Iooks neat. I just found I have a replacement movement in another watch. I’ll have a go at a transplant. Pam572 looks interesting might check one out also. Would need to get rid of the noisy rotor though.
  6. Hi folks I’ve got a pam512 which I love dearly but the movement is starting to play up. I’d be happy getting a replacement but I’m wondering if there is some other small and thin pams you’d recommend I look at. Something without a crown guard, nice and thin that will fit nicely under a shirt cuff. Fore away! Thanks in advance!
  7. Mine is a 71 1675. I feel like I'm cheating if I wear another watch. Maybe because it was a wedding gift from my wife?
  8. Where can I buy DG3809 hands? I can get DG2813 hands for the hour and minutes but the small seconds at 9 has been illusive. Any ideas?
  9. Faark I wasn't expecting that. Playdo set like concrete and I damaged the seconds hand getting it out! Lesson 37 for beginners! What is the movement in these things 23j? Where the hell do I get hands for it loads of molnija, 6497 but 23j? Any help appreciated. Thx guys.
  10. Hey Rolexman do you have any spares for the watch just in case I butcher it?
  11. My first proper lume job is so far a success. One hour in and the luminosity is gen like. Hopefully I can get everything back in the case and operational.
  12. My case has a lip on the backside that the dial sits on. There's no way to get the dial out the back. You could remove the movement and holder but the lip would stop the dial coming through. You can hopefully see from the pic with the bezel removed the lip I'm talking about. Front of case pictured.
  13. I ended up doing the job with these. With a bit of tape to protect the case the bezel came off surprisingly easy. Just a few taps on each corner
  14. Folks I'm hoping to do a lume job on my PAM512P V6F. I tried to get to the dial from the back, alas it seems I have to through the front and remove the bezel. Withstanding getting my hands on a bezel remover or losing my fingers to an errant blade does anyone have any tips or pointers to achieve this? Many thanks in anticipation!
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