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  1. Red wine or cherry red?

  2. Red wine or cherry red?

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted one of my projects so here is one for you to share your thoughts on. I am curious what you think. Since this strap is not entirely mainstream , I can imagine that tastes differ. Personally, I think you can do lot's of nice things wit a (black) Pam. This strap does not fit my pam 111 but I'm sure I will make another one to fit it. With a chrome buckle this one looks rather classy. This Pam shouted to me "make me something special" and since I have a taste for something differentI thought to myself that it is a good time to give red a chance again .. The details: - The top layer is 2 mm thick leather patinated by myself using several oils, dyes and creams. The base is vegetable tanned leather of very good quality. The red has a very deep color that looks different depending on the lighting. I opted for a transition from the deep red at the lugs fading gradually to almost black. This blends nicely with the black buckle (buckle). - The inside part of the strap is made of very soft black anti-allergic leather. This time no additional intermediate layer so that the thickness is limited up to 3-3,5mm so it can be worn on a Panerai deployant. - The sides are not finished with a high gloss coating, but are burnished by hand. - The length of the strap is 75/140 (my size) and the width 26/24 -For The stitching I used 0,77mm thick french cotton thread by the brand "Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable". Experts know that there is nothing like it ;-) Maybe a few pictures ... Let me know what you think if you can spare the time.
  3. Tudor Submariner Snowflake

    well, you did a great job there! congrats
  4. Alaska is burning

    Damn shame! whish alle the people out there good luck and good health. hope this will come to a halt soon.
  5. Pam 505

    thought it was listed around 220$ can you point out why this one is any different?
  6. Pam 505

    just received this Pam 505 from a m2m deal and would like your opinion on it. This is not the KW version but a different one. it can be found at Trusty, and it has following specs MOVEMENT:Asian Seagull 25J Automatic Movement, Cut Out Design Rotor as per Genuine CASE DIAMETER:47mm THICKNESS:15.5mm DIAL COLOR:Brown Patina Dial, Patina Lume Hour Markers and Needles Remarks:Not Superlume... But very good Lume Hour Markers on Dial and Needles CASE MATERIAL:SolidStainless Steel 316, Thick PVD Black Coating Personally I think the dial color is a bit too orange, at least it does nkt match the origina or KW version but overall the watchis in good shape. It runs verry smooth and the rotor sounds very light. The thing I would like to know is who made it? can any of you help me out here? not the best pic, sorry for that. if you need more, just let me know. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-T520 met Tapatalk
  7. What?

  8. Best place for Nomos replicas?

  9. How stunningly superb is that! Great to hear the watch found it's way back. Keep it safe :-)
  10. Thursday Wrist Check - 6/18

    My beloved 111 on custom strap
  11. Something green

    Thanks! As you might have seen, I only sometimes do this. Main reason to create the groove is to lie the stitching deeper in order to prevent damaging it. When I like a rougher look I tend to leave the groove behind.
  12. Something green

    Finished my work on this custom strap. The deep green is contrasted by the white stitching. On request the inside part of the strap is anti allergic very light grey (close to white). Undeveloped my own procedure and am now able to coat the edges in any color I want. Please do comment as I am posting to learn.
  13. You might want to check out the Trusted Dealers section here.
  14. Hi from Poland!

    Lol, welcome!
  15. John Kerry is NOT a WIS

    Kerry looks as cheap as his watch though...