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  1. cavi


    I really like this latest one I bought, basically a 43mm Sub!!!
  2. cavi


    It is funny, I just recieved a Seiko Series 5 Automatic Blue Dial Mens Watch SRPB89, and i really love it. I have always loved the rolex subs, but honestly I really like a watch that is a bit bigger. I never really bought name brand watches or Homages because of the names. It has always been what I like the look and feel of. Either way, i do not understand why Rolex has been hesitant to making a larger Sub. This Seiko is just perfect!!!
  3. I like the new insert better, but eye of the beholder...
  4. You guys missunderstand me, I am not looking for local, I am just looking for in the USA as I would rather not risk customs both ways if not needed. I tried one guy I have used before but he initially said he could not so I am looking for another option. I have a Pam that needs a crystal replacement, I have already found a source for the crystal.
  5. I have a rep Panerai Luminor GMT 44mm case crystal seems tobe 37.5mm wideat bezel where can I get a replacement?
  6. I was just looking on Ebay for a homage rose gold Panerai for my wife. She does not care if it says Panerai or nothing at all, so I was just looking for something sterile figuring it would be cheap as i bought a sterile Pan about two years ago for under $100 and it is actually one of my fav watches. Anyway they have gone nuts, there are many many for 300 and up, and even the exact one I bought befroe was there but for over $250. Have they all gone nuts??? Does this mean my good reps have also skyrocketed?
  7. the halmark idea maybe on the inside of the case back?
  8. I had a rep that lost the pearl and I took some dental flowable resin, put a drop and it looks great!!!
  9. awhile back I saw just you want it was a sort of smart puck that attached to the back of any watch and turned it in to a smart watch. I honestly only went for the iwatch as I figured if I was out sailing in the middle of winter and flipped my boat at least I could call my wife and say goodbye!!!! But now I am hooked
  10. When the iwatch first came out a couple of years ago I swore I would never give up my automatics for one. I remained faithful until this last week when I received a Iwatch3. Originally I only bought it because it now is waterproof and can make phone calls without having to have my phone. The idea being that could use it when on my sail boat as a safety net, and also on bike rides. So it arrived and I have used it now for a couple of days to get used to it. Problem is it really is convenient and useful. for example, last week while working on a patient my son called me and I was able to see it was him without even stopping to go get the phone. Real good! Then for txt messages it is fast and efficient, turn your wrist and talk in to it and boom. It just works. Now I have to just try and stay away from it, as I know it is evil!!!!!
  11. I do not know, I just used it yesterday and it still worked for me. Got another 45mm dive watch t-100 seiko movement with tritum markers for 240!!!!!!!! The downside is that this is the 3rd watch of theirs that I have bought with this coupon........I am happy but the wife not soo much
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