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  1. Hi RWG members, I'm browsing this replica forum for quite a while now, what an amazing community! Finally made my first steps in the replica world. I will definitely make some rookie mistakes, but hey, who hasn't! First off, I would like to thank Andrew (Trusty Time). Great service, great communication, triangular shipping (EU) and paypal. I ordered three watches in one order (better make your first time count). - Montblanc Timewalker chrono - Hublot big bang chrono 41mm - IWC spitfire rosé gold Just pics for now, will definitely write some reviews after I used them for a while. I think the watches look stunning, the pics (iPhone 6) don't do them justice. Oh yeah, one question. Am I hooked now? Because I saw som huge collections on this forum. Mack
  2. Welcome to the forums Mackjenzie :)

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