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  1. Happy Birthday w.genzo!

  2. Happy Birthday w.genzo!

  3. Happy Birthday w.genzo!

  4. w.genzo

    Have you heard about the wm9 daytona?

    WM9 on his site, together with the first WM9 sub, used to sell all the other standard reps available from Joshua/Andrew/PT ecc.. I bought a ladies dj from him. So it might be, but the same we have already seen
  5. w.genzo

    DSSD Franken

    not into, glued over the ETA's
  6. w.genzo

    Question regarding my gen 16610 dial

    P,K,Y,F series 2001-2005 so it's technically correct for a late 2004/2005 sub with pointed 4, just check the clasp code that should be AD, CL or MA
  7. w.genzo

    YukiWatch 3135 Mini-review

    I asked Yuki if the date issues have been correct with a second run but I just got this answer: "Sorry they are still same version and one lots of production. Thank you. yukiwatch"
  8. w.genzo

    PSA: Gen 16610 Crystal w/ AR For Sale

    It is ok on RRR Subs, not on others. I agree it's cool but it's like putting a luminova insert dial and hands or a SEL bracelet on a tritium sub. On gens it would kill the watch walue. Lke a service LEC crystal does if mountes on a no LEC serial.
  9. w.genzo

    PSA: Gen 16610 Crystal w/ AR For Sale

    Is this the sales area?
  10. Looks good, but the bracelet serial # is incorrect. Does it have a gen style bezel assembly? Could you please measure the thikness of the case? Thanks
  11. w.genzo

    YukiWatch 3135 Mini-review

    Too bad.. I was going to buy it. Do you think that all of them have the same issue?
  12. w.genzo

    Gen or fake? 116200 Datejust

    Looks gen to me, here's mine (gen) 1600€ is below half of it's value, imho too good to be true.
  13. w.genzo

    Is this Gen or Rep

    I mean, they are not wrong as Rolex changed the shape over the years. But TC's cas has different CG even if the lugs look TC's. Just as an example, pointed CG from a 2003 Sub:
  14. w.genzo

    Is this Gen or Rep

    agree, that's why it looked a TW case to me