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  1. this is a common problem, due to low quality of the tube. Here a way to solve it: regards, Francisco
  2. Yes, i reviewed fine_dd AR treatmet. it is very scratch resistant... although the reflection is neutral or a bit yellow... but this is nice for some watches. threads are here: Regards, Francisco
  3. I opened a thread some time ago about some watchmaker tools at dealextreme: the set of screwdrivers can be found in other palces, I know it. It is not as Bergeon, of course, but ratio quality / price is really good.
  4. All the pictures you need are here:
  5. My God! 1.- ETA 7750 costs at ebay about 270 euros... so $700 is a lie. 2.- Asian 7750 is not the problem. The problem is the modification to move seconds to 12 position. If you swap to ETA 7750, the problem remains the same... no improvement... you have not solved the main problem. 3.- If you have time, have a look here, where it is shown why this model has problems: Best wishes, Francisco
  6. probably there is a piece of dirty/metal stopping the cannon pinion...
  7. friends, you do not know the amount of money that some dealers earn selling just one watch. i am not going to write here the number, because you are not going to believe me... so, poor seller, he has to make a picture of each watch... no, he not, one Chinese that earns 100 euros per month... less than the benefit of selling 2 watches...
  8. I made a comparison for AP, AR vs no AR here:
  9. Hola: Bienvenido. Saludos desde Valencia. Un abrazo.
  10. Interesting. One question. Is this a new cannon pin? I mean, does he cut the teeth? or is he adding a tube to increase the length? Best wishes, Francisco
  11. yes, that's true... it is amazing what we can do nowadays...
  12. CONGRATULATIONS. A good long distance repair service. Yes, it is normal.
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