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  1. So why a Gen wrist check? Well a Gen's a Gen now isn't it..............let's keep this one going
  2. Starting the week with an Aquanaut on horween leather
  3. ------- 448 on Backpacker strap Have an excellent Sunday everyone!
  4. I took this photo tonight, and it seemed too nice to not use. I'm going to wear the 390 today
  5. White Gold NOT required. ;-)
  6. Hublot rose gold on a Donerix hornback. Have a good weekend guys!
  7. Still Omega... Have a great weekend everyone!!
  8. Today for me a new (cheap) one, IWC Portuguese Chronograph. This watch came in last week and it's running great! The simplicity of the dail is just amazing. I really need to take some pictures of this watch these days.. Might be interested in the high end rep after wearing this one for a while Enjoy your day guys!
  9. Making the holy thread before I go to bed Changed the Aquanaut to rubber Love the strap, hate the smell!! Scrubbed it for 5 minutes with soap and warm water... Got the worst out..
  10. --- This thing is really starting to show some wear... But I dont care.
  11. Its 00:30 here so time for a new wrist thread. 111 v3 in the dark
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