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Hublot Full Ceramic case + Polished Bezel Skeleton Tourbillon

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Dear Folks:

Just received my latest toy Hublot Full Ceramic case + Polished Bezel Skeleton Tourbillon. It's GOD DAMN expensive USD8XX.....

Took several quick snap by crap Iphone4; detailed review & photos upcoming!

Thx a lot for Angus to help me getting this Beautiful BEAST!

P.S : Not need to tell my watch is too big for me! I knew that; but I like that......:)





Best Regards,


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Beautiful watch Raymond and it fit fine on your wrist. Is it a special order one? if not where does Angus listed on his site?

Enjoy and congratulation.

Here is the link of the watch I ordered for Angus


; BUT you need to specific to tell Angus you need a Full ceramic case version( some extra cost for sure). And I ordered a ceramic-bezel from the "chanel J12 factory" (it cost extra cost again). J12 factory provided the BEST quality of HBB ceramic bezel + the bezel screw will be FLAT/SAME level with the bezel. That why it finally cost me hands & legs..........

But all you guys must knew that I'm an extremely picky FREAK; I only collect the besy reps as always..........:1a::1a::1a:

Best Regards,


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