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Noob PAM111 V3 Parts + H Factory 005 Parts = PAM005 VS Gen PAM005

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I just bought a V3 Noob 111 and the the latest version 005 H Factory.

Case , Crystal , Crown & Crown Guard from Noob 111 V3

Dial , Case Back, Hands set and movement from H Factory

I'm quite impressed about the Noob V3 111 Crystal had improved so much imho, the colorless and AR is very good even compare to Gen.

Lets the photo speaks.

Left: Gen , Right: Rep









img1358nd.jpgThe thinner lever is Gen, Noob is a bit fatter.



Case Back, my Gen 005 is N series


Gen case back Swiss Made is well engraved, the rep H005 just a laser etched , but this is not important, because no one would open the case back , lol.



Gen Movement




Rep 005H movement


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Wow, thanks for the review. It'd be even more awesome if u had Noob vs H vs Gen. hahaha. but this review is great. I guess one of the biggest give away is the CG, but again if you don't have the gen right next to you, its hard to compare. Its almost spot on

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Please forgive me, I'm trying to wrap my head around this...

the Officine Panerai engravings on the gen are actually upside down???

with the crown on the right (as in the pic) the watch must have been turned vertically, if so the dial would be upside down (to the holder) but the engravings on the movement are right side up?

is that right?

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That really is a nice pam build:)

I will do exactly the same watch woth my new 111V3 case and H-factory caseback V2 and H dial that is way better then the noob dial!

The latest h-factory crown is better ( thinner profile from the side!) then the noob but You can not do ALL the mods to make it the perfect pam, or can You????

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I keep coming back to this thread

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