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Presenting the Rolex Submariner v6s series

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New Submariners from the noob maker v6s
Completely new construction case, new bracelet, this time focusing more on the details. Dial painting remains same.

1 Updated bezel engravement, much better than the v6, the color was too dark silver, now is more light
2 The pearl on the bezel is thinner than on the v6, much more closer to the gen
3 Bracelet SEL fitting better than V6, before the was a tiny space, not a perfect fit like now
4 Clasp LOGO much more better
5 Case parts now can fit gen bezel, for SA3135 version can fit gen movement, and dial too 
bezel pearl crystal has more angle and fit in more thinner steel ring.
For the GREEN one there is a  new dial with SUM finishing
6  Bezel pearl crystal has more angle and fit in more thinner steel ring
8 Rehaut is more all aligner, closer to perfection and more deeply  engraved , also correct font match same as the gen
9  Inside the LUG all markers are engraved same as the gen, not by laser as before.
10 SA3135 is amazing, all correct position adjusting time and date works smooth

Watches will be available for shipping shortly after the chinese new year holidays

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