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an attempt to explain things


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It seems some people have no clue about the different breitling seawolf models and what is available in rep form

Im not going to overcomplicate things so here we go

First came the Titanium seawolf 

Then came the SS Avenger Seawolf - this is what the rep factories copied and is famously known as the "V2"

Then the Avenger II Seawolf came out i think around 4-5 years back - there is no Avenger II Seawolf available in rep form, try to find one on any of the trusted dealer websites 

If you find a website claiming to sell an Avenger II Seawolf rep, they are stock photos of the gen, who knows what they will send you, you may get an Avenger Seawolf rep, but if you do it will probably be low quality, you may not even get anything

Im hoping this is making sense and it will educate somebody 

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If you get banned, it will sink into obscurity, and I'm pretty sure no one will care to remember anything you've posted or your ridiculous ramblings

(apologies to members that I fed the neurotic idiot savant troll)

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if anybody cares to learn what the fuvk your talking about when it comes to Breitling Seawolfs and what is available as a rep or not


is a (titanium) Breitling Seawolf


is a Stainless Steel Avenger Seawolf, the same fuvking thing as the v1 and v2 reps


is the redesigned Stainless Steel Avenger II Seawolf, there are no fuvking reps


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I think it's more the "how" than the "what"… or rather the "how many times can you say the same crap before someone's eye begins to twitch"!

Yeah, that one!

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