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How To Adjust Your Rep's Timing & Beat

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May be a bit repetitive and requires a modicum of patience, but it's always worked for me. I currently have six (ETAs 2836-2s & 2671-2s, and Asian 7750s & 7753s) all synched with each other, a

Update for the apple device owners. The app called Kello totally does the job and is worth every penny. The OP did a great guide for the given time. Technology has moved forward since then. Hope some

Thanks JKay! Every day i a school day, i will try that mic out, apple earbuds mic is a bit crappy, gotta handle it a certain way for good results. Every movement i regulated with kello runs like a ch

I got a Rolex lady datejust with an Eta 2671. The watch is running a bit too fast each day. Can someone please update this post so I can understand if I should screw clockwise or counterclockwise to reduce the speed? Thanks

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