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Manual Espresso Machine clone? I thought of the one thing that China doesn't clone that we need.

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So I was thinking the other day....   Why in heaven's name hasn't China cloned an old school Pavoni manual espresso machine?  They have successfully cloned many other simple machines that have been around a long time and seeing that broken old Pavoni's are 600 dollars..... why the hell have they not thought of this yet?


China usually loves to clone simple machines.  For example, they have a perfect clone of the old small centrifugal casting machines that dentists use to use and that jewelers use as well.  I own one of them and it works just as good as the original ones that came from Buffalo New York 40 years ago. 


The point is... of all the factories in China, how in the world has one of them not thought of cloning some bad ass old Pavoni manual lever espresso machines?

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