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Beautiful MBW

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I just acquired a beautiful MBW, DD Tridor.


It's in mint condition since the owner never worn it because he needed extra links and never took care of it so just stowed it away in the safe.


I just got it last week and the original owner got it back in the 80s perhaps very early 90s.


I've been wearing it since last week and it's running perfectly, the only thing is I dont know where to take it for service but everything runs perfect, actually my Oyster Perpetual from 1968 just stopped working eventhough I had it serviced two months ago by Rolex.


I haven't been able to find any info on Polex engraving but this one has the Org Polex along with a number, on the other side it reads Steel YG and another number.


Pictures attached.




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Hello and welcome to our community. Those Poles were popular back in the day, I still have a couple.

Im sure some of the CONUS guys will be able to help you out with servicing it

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What a score!

Yes we have several members here that are fully capable of servicing the MBW and your gen. The depth of talent available here is mind boggling. I won't take my gens to an A.D. for service anymore, instead they go to the trusted gents here that really know how to treat a 40-year old beauty.


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