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Is this Rolex DateJust a Gen or Rep pls? Asking for my aunt...


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Hey guys, Hope all is well! I have a favour to ask.

My aunt has been given this Rolex DateJust from her family member back in 1990s, she never checked with anyone but we have been wondering if it's a Gen or Rep? And if it's a Gen, how much would it worth roughly these days pls??

Any idea guys please? Many thanks!!

IMG_0257 001.JPG

IMG_0259 002.JPG

IMG_0251 003.JPG

IMG_0252 004.JPG

IMG_0256 005.jpg

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Hmm. I’m not an expert on the ladies, but a few things give me pause. 

1.  The date font looks too bold and not the usual from the mens. 

2.  Crown on bracelet seems oversized like older reps. BUT it is crisp. 

The Tritium lume plots look right. Dial fonts look good, but I can’t see the A in superlative (sometimes a tell)


Caseback sticker looks legit.  (Worn)

Hollow link bracelet looks ok. 

Only way to tell, ball up some duct tape or use a caseback ball opener, and unscrew/open it up and look at the movement. 

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Does the date snap to the next date at midnight?

Do an acid test on the gold parts. Or use a magnet on the gold parts the bracelet, avoid the watch with a magnet. As was stated the date font doesn't look right.  The lettering on the dial doesn't look right ether. Does the watch have a serial number and model number between ether lugs?


It could be a real Rolex that was repaired with aftermarket parts and a refinished dial. Some of the watch looks good and some look very bad. Good luck.

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My wife currently wears an very similar gen model with slightly different colors. (no gold)  It looks legit except for the font on the date.  I have to check her watch to see if her fonts look like that.  I don't recall it being so FAT like that.


It may also help me and others if you show other dates other than "10" as well. 



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