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    Last piece of the puzzle is complete. Stay tuned. Sneek peek.
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    Looking great! My new Superep PAM 372 PR for most of the week wearing a new Gunny '74' strap. AJ
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    Was gonna say.. It suits u perfectly!! Maybe because of your extravagant lifestyle mate. Sent from my iP**** using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, Tony - TD on RWI - has again a crazy sale I got from him a couple of crazy sales one and they were great deals!
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    Beautiful frankens. Here is my simple and humble build. Gen dial, J+W case, ETA 2783.
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    I have an O1V. Love it on NATO. In fairness, the bracelet is solid, too. I just like being able to change out natos quickly. FYI, it was $600 shipped tithe states with bracelet and vintage leather strap with deployment. A lot for the money, if you ask me.
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    Imho $250 would knock that crystal in the head. I just turned down $1M for my set of three nos tritium 1016 hands. ...or was it $100? It does not matter because I can't find them anyway. I know a goober who has spent at least $250k on rolexjunk in the past 20 years. He started out in a nice new house with a new car and a Hot wife and now he is down to a small apartment, a ratty old car, and no wife. Evidently he lost money on every watch he bought. No, it's not me, I am dead nuts even on them, maybe a little bit ahead. Over the years I have known a few characters that had a genuine rolex obsession. Very few of them ever recovered financially. Otoh I might have a fake rolex obsession. update 12-16 Just saw a GF vintage clasp for sale on VRF for $590. A clasp! For five hundred and ninety USD! ...and it sold! Insanity. In a few years when the guys who paid $50k for an old rolex (that sold for $350 new) go RIP, many of their wives or kids will sell 'Dad's old watch' for a few hundred bucks. They have no idea he paid $50k for it because he kept it a secret so his family would not have him committed to the looney bin.
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    Not my first and not last Mimic of 2001 circa with fat minute hand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    #1 on the head and #3 on the beard. My dad didn't like it when I first starting doing this years ago but he has grown used to it now. Also it saves a fortune in haircuts. Ken
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