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  1. I know not everyone likes being talked out of their goal, but I too went down this rabbit hole of once wanting to build a super Franken 6538, and I gave up before even starting. It wasn't impossible, but feel I used my better judgement and went away from it. As an alternative, might I suggest a Titus Calypsomatic. They start cheaper and Max out in the price range of building a 6538, have very similar characteristics, share the 37mm x 47mm dimensions, many have true negative relief dials, big crowns, and they have easy to service ETA 2472s inside. Here's the one I wear regularly. It's a parts watch I built from what I acquired over time. Dial, case, movement, crystal are original. Bezel is period correct. Hands/crown are replacements. And here's a couple 100% genuine ones I restored. Not a bad profile. It's just a thought, but its a fun way to have a truly vintage piece without most of the headache that the 6538 brings. My hat is off to all the guys who've built themselves a super-franken 6538/5510 or one of the small crown Frankens. You guys are on a whole other level. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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