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  1. I picked up a grand carrera rep. I removed the needed links with no issues. However, I try to put the bracelet back together and the "cap" that holds the link and pins all together won't stay tightly on the link. Did I damage something? I am tempted to just glue it together or switch to a leather band. Before I do anything drastic, do u guys have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  2. hmmm...these pics look suspiciously like the kind of photography you would produce.....did u get hold of one without telling us??? j/k...thanks for sharing. I was about to pick up a gen sub but decided to go rep and wait for this one instead when i saw the famous "jocke"'s basel pics at tz. these pics just tease me more with its beauty....i love this "baby-ish" blue
  3. Like ByTor said, don't expect massive gains nor expect to flip it soon for any profit. Considering that Rolex has had 2 price increases this year alone plus rumors of another one coming soon also, you would be safe with any of those ByTor already suggested. I would advice getting a sub, gmt, or sd pre-owned in good condition with box and papers. After a decade or FEW u would easily get back what you paid AT LEAST. Some WIS's are considering getting a NIB "m" serial GMT-IIc and keeping it in new unworn condition for a few decades with the hopes it would pay off with a higher that average resale value. I don't know if you are a gambling person or not, but it seems like too many "if's" in this equation for me... Personally speaking - I have my gens, I wear them, enjoy them, and feel comforted by the fact that I know I will at least get back my initial investment if/when I wanted or needed to. I'd rather buy the watch for wearing and enjoying rather than an investment (..even though all my other investments have been goin to "heck" lately, yet Rolex is raising prices non stop... :-) ). Just my 2cent :-)
  4. i'm very excited to see what's to come! great job chris!!
  5. BAD HIKEUSA please proceed to f/s section Nice bluesy though. i love the tritium bezel, same as mine but a 1998 series
  6. an "a" sub!! i have been looking for one for a while now. congrats and wear it in good health!
  7. amazingly beautiful!!! almost makes me want to trade my blue tt sub for the black. congrats and wear it good health!
  8. sure... all u do is put the thing in the what-cha-ma-call-it and push on the whos-a-whats-it at the same time...prob solved! (this is a VAGUE answer to a vague question.... :-) ) But yeah, more info please.... whats the problem?
  9. i am waiting patiently (not really "so patiently" ) for ure review tribal
  10. i don't see anything suspect here expect for the GREAT price.
  11. congrats!!! now where are the pics?? :wwp:
  12. Racer0023


    i love the tritium dial just like my tt blue sub
  13. looks good. btw - gen Rolex bracelet do indeed have sort of a cheap/light feel to them, especially compared to Omegas. To make things worse, I know most Rolex rep bracelets feel even worse. Have u tried oiling the bracelet? I do this to all my rep bracelets as it makes the bracelet feel a LOT better. Its best to do this a few hours before bed as you will see.... Soak the bracelet in vegetable oil for a few hours, remove the bracelet and let the oil drain off in a paper towel/rag for about one hour. GENTLY wash off excess oil with mild soak as to not remove all the oil but to remove the oil that is not "soaked in". Then wear the watch to bed to allow the remaining oil to soak into your skin overnight. you now have a bracelet that feels a whole lot smoother and substantial. Enjoy!
  14. i was expecting a nice gen, but a gen box is nice none-the-less
  15. actually, i like it! i am waiting to see some live shots before passing final judgement though
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