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  1. These pics make me miss mine. Great build wear it in good health.
  2. It's really awesome. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Happy Birthday gianton!

  4. Only dust mate. The Noob dial is the best REP you can find.
  5. Case, dial and hands are the best on the noob. I don't mind of the movement.
  6. Happy Birthday gianton!

  7. It's the one from Noob maker mounted on a Turkish Ammo strap. Quality is great and comparable to my other Noob PAMs, looks great to my eyes.
  8. Yes it does. Crystal is a bit curved on the center.
  9. Great post thanks for all the info. Do you think it's a good idea to put an A7750 watch on the winder when not wearing it? Is it safe on the long run or will it wear the parts of the movement faster?
  10. Thanks for sharing this info, will be waiting a bit more till an updated version hopefully comes out from Noob. Availability of movt parts is a serious issue, but this clone movt looks awesome.
  11. Here are some Super Macro pics of the bezel. Crystal looks nice too.
  12. Strap is from strap maker "Bosphorus Straps". This watch is available from all dealers.
  13. It's the new one from Z-fac mounted on a Turkish Ammo strap. Quality is great and comparable to my Noob-maker PAMs, rotor is running very quietly and bezel clicks very smooth.
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