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  1. How accurate is this Daylight 196?

    The rep you linked is a true super rep. One of the first of the newer (hfactory) Pam reps. Its exceptional at that reduced pric The one with brushed bezel (pam250 iirc) is much nicer IMHO.
  2. Being relocated to Asia

    Suits are a tricky one. On one hand, MY is tempting due to price and on the other hand you may be better off getting them in SG due to language. The thing is, unless you go to a high end tailor (for which you'll pay similar prices to the west anyway), your suit won't be properly tailored in the way you're used to. It will be poorly stitched in Indonesia likely with inferior fabric from china, shipped back for one sizing then back to indo for any alterations before being handed over. It's pretty quick - you are lead to believe it never leaves the country - but no better really than rack bought. IME, these types of tailors are good for fashion suits and throwaways, but you're better off using someone from 'back home' for highly tailored suits. Tailored shirts are worth it though. Best to ask friends or fellow expats, like any city, there are gems who are worth your money and time. The trick is finding them. Take a stroll around Far East Plaza (on the backside of Orchard) you might get lucky. TBH, if you're from the west, Department store shopping in SG and MY is where the real bargains are, however if you're ang mo (white person - get used it - not offensive), you'll find off the rack sleeves are too short. All in all it's a well worthy experience to seek out a tailor in the near east and try your luck. Not always worth repeating.
  3. Need help! Lost my job.

    Really terrible timing. As a first time new father (of one week) i can feel your stress. I'm sure things will go your way, as when things really really need to, they often do. I've never written a motivation letter but I edit the the English language as a professional (novels and magazines). Please do let me know when and if you need help. This is not an idle internet post, but a real pledge to help. Should you need it just PM me. Best of luck.
  4. Ladies Tag Heuer

    The black chrono no diamonds is spot on. The white one is good too but the bezel number colour is a little off. The aquaracer is a nice replication but majorly let down by the midlink to endlink fit. The underside of the endlink marks the mid link on a really obvious part of the bracelet, no amount of filing, sanding and refinishing will fix the issue. A real bummer because otherwise its a great rep. Oh, pearl lume doesnt match the hands. Not a big deal. The movements in all of them are a direct and cheap swap to the eta equivalent which gives them a nice datewheel and alignment. Though the chronos dont really need it.
  5. PAM 243 New Strap Pinholder Question..

    Oh, sorry, i meant wiggle it out from underneath (screwdriver in the lughole so you can press the whole button and retainer out from the underside), and then reglue it back in.
  6. PAM 243 New Strap Pinholder Question..

    I fixed my 251 with this problem by picking it out and reseating it so it was level. Very easy to pop out just wiggle a little screw driver in there. I re-set mine with strong loctite. If it wont hold because it stays depressed, try working some lube in with a toothpick.
  7. Watch markets in Guangzhou & Shenzhen China?

    We were there mid December and it was interesting. A little disappointing on the watch front but otherwise an awesome trip. There were few fakes on display though we went to a few lockups/show rooms. We saw some dealer quality reps of obscure stuff (cartier, tag, Hublot etc) but the more popular stuff was a generation or two behind our dealers. I think it would have been impossible to even get that far without strong Cantonese or rudimentary mandarin language skills. The markets are very easy to find. I have two tips for you. Expect to order one day and pick up the next, and make sure you leave the market well before 5-6pm each day or find a good place to eat and leave well after. Those peak hour crowds are killer. We had better luck and infinitely more fun over in Dong Guan
  8. Australians Have A Warning For Americans

    HAHAHAH HAHAHAH HAA How clever of you to inject some quality humor into such a depressing topic. "We lead, you follow"... Ha ha classic. I'm going to call you Joe the Entertainer. Or maybe Joey the Clown. On topic. It amazes me that a nation that has a culture of guns also has a history of extreme gun violence yet doesn't see the correlation. Surely no one else in the world thinks this way though. Probably just me.
  9. Australians Have A Warning For Americans

    Oh, so you think you invented the word 'Constitution' now do you? How sadly American of you. The Australian constitution is 'based' (the term you used earlier, before you changed your argument to naming conventions) on the British Bill of rights of 1689. Sound familiar? Your Bill of Rights was written in 1791. The American Constitution came 8 years later. Honestly, if all your points in this thread are as poorly thought out as this one then i feel like right royal mate for reading them
  10. Australians Have A Warning For Americans

    Wrong. And weren't you the one whining about condescension earlier? Wake up to yourself mate.
  11. Moving to Down Under: Feedback needed

    I use taxis everytime I catch a plane (Because parking is $49 a day), or go out for a drink. But yes, expect to pay only about $500/week in the burbs for three bedrooms (excluding utilites and all furnishings except an oven and stovetiop). The bottom line, as OP requested, is that real-world cost of living is insanely high here. We pay too much for everything. If you travel anywhere else on earth, this becomes plainly obvious. What i didn't mention is that we also have one of the highest standards of living on the planet, and highly reputable health and education systems. We also have beautiful women, an awe-inspring and pristine environment, and great weather.
  12. Moving to Down Under: Feedback needed

    Australia holds four of the world's most expensive citiies. Melbourne Brisbane and Sydney are more expensive to live in than any city in America. The cost of living in these cities is notably higher than New York. Expect to pay between 700-1000AUD (that's 1050USD) a week for inner city living of a decent standard. Expect to pay 50AUD (53USD) for 10 mile taxi ride - note that taxi driver won't know the way so you'll have to direct him, and also that he probably won't speak English very well, so buy a gps. Expect to pay nearly 5AUD for a coffee anywhere in the country except Melbourne (though it will be quite a good coffee). Expect to be greeted with a surly, contemptible attitude when you're paying top dollar for your goods and services. Expect to pay about 40 dollars to feed two people at a cheap cafe style place. Expect to pay a lot more everywhere else. Expect that that figure doesn't include drinks. Again, this service will likely be delivered with a bad attitude as well. Expect to pay $25 or more to feed two people at Mcdonalds or Burger King, and expect to pay another 50c if you want an extra ketchup that they give you for free at home. Don't expect kind or helpful replies when asking for anything out of the norm. If you like or use any Australian products (such as Speedo brand swimwear, surf gear like billabong, quicksilver, rip curl etc, tim tams, Ugg boots or beer) bring them with you, Because those australian products will be a lot cheaper in your country. For example you will be able to buy a pair of billabong boardshorts there for 40-50 dollars, here they'll likely cost you 70-90usd. Whereas you'll pay 12-15USD for Australian Speedo swim goggles in America, here you'll pay about $25-28. If you use any technology, expecially software, bring that with you too beacause it'll will be twice as expensive here. These are not anecdotes, these are facts. This is an anecdote: Expect the laconic, larrikin, easy going reputation that aussies have traditionally had to be long gone. Replaced with a pimply faced sense of entitlement and a nation of stoic rulemakers and killjoys. Here, you'll find lazy, stubborn, aggressive and unhelpful people. http://www.abc.net.a...e-world/3831324 http://afr.com/p/opi...349vy835bpSMgBL http://www.theage.co...0428-1xs16.html As-Salamu Alaykum mate.
  13. Breaking bad?

    First ep of season 5 just rls'd
  14. Samsung galaxy 10.1 or the new ipad?

    LOL! I'd go the android provided its running ICS (android 4). It doesn't wipe the floor with apple but you feel like, and can use it like, you own it. Can do more out of the box.
  15. 30-33 mm watch with good lume

    Check out the boys size Seiko SRP189K1, SRP194K1, RP197K1 etc. Essentially, you can search for this range by searching for "Seiko 4R36" (it's the auto movement number). They're seiko fives with cool shiny acrylic bezels and outstanding lume. Heaps of colour combos and even dials to choose from.