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  1. Greed

    Greetings from Holland!

    Welcome Pierre Sec! Sorry to hear about the customs. What shipping method was used? Try triangle shipping next time!
  2. Greed

    Saturday's wristy !

  3. Greed

    Calibre de Cartier

    I have this, not sure if it's accurate to gen.
  4. Greed

    Just in Tropic (1680)Sub.

    I like it on the nato!
  5. Greed

    Breitling Transocean

    very nice! this is 45mm? I have a 6,3 inch wrist, didn't think we could much bigger than 40mm :-D
  6. Greed

    Wednesday Wristies

    Donerix leather strap today!
  7. Greed

    Tudor Black Bay on the way!

    Wow this is great! Have to add this to the list!
  8. Greed

    Another 1016 build - Lots of Pictures

    Whoa, Very nice, you make it look like it's such an easy way to do this. Wish I was this creative to build something like this. Been looking for a great vintage explorer or sub for a while now.