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  1. Happy Birthday sigfrieds!

  2. Happy Birthday sigfrieds!

  3. Aqua Terra 150M SS: Gen vs Rep Comparison

        It's a Miyota 8215 but actually I did not notice the gear lash problem, the feel of winding is similar as the A2836 seagull movement
  4. Aqua Terra 150M SS: Gen vs Rep Comparison

        Hi mate, I bought the watch from puretime, and the watch is made by the J12 factory, which is the same producer of the FC diver, the FC 44mm ROO and the AP V6 Diver
  5. 44MM AP ROO SS REP vs GEN Comparison

    thanks for sharing these great pics
  6. it's not my watch, but a custom made "special edition" with a japanse made 21600BpH movement. The new factory custom produced several "special" ROO for some guys.
  7. PAM505-----guess which one is the gen?

    one more pic
  8. they are almost in the same weight, gen is just 2g heavier tips: don't be fooled by the gen strap
  9. almost choose a chocolate dial one, but noticed this one got better detail just before I pulled the trigger
  10. Aqua Terra 150M SS: Gen vs Rep Comparison

    the bracelet feels OK, the overall finish of the case is well, the clasp is a bit more tight compare the gen, and certainly not as smooth as the gen
  11. Aqua Terra 150M SS: Gen vs Rep Comparison

    the white dial one is the rep
  12. My first rep Rolex 16600

    Nice watch, enjoy it
  13. hulk submariner noob v3 116610 LV

    I bought both the 116610LV and the LN, in my opinion the LN seems more accurate