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  1. I have a previous generation balance bridge and a free-sprung balance wheel for a Sub/GMT, there's a 3D printing company near by, where I can produce 1:1 replica.. Forget that too.
  2. Never claimed that's the goal.. Watchmakers would charge GEN repair prices if they thought it was gen.. $100 for full service at local mall, $300 if they believe it's gen..... Occam's razor.. People buy close to gen as possible cause it makes them happy, OTHER WISE YOU'LL GET SOMETHING FROM DHGATE for $7....! By the logic by some on RWG/RWI are same as youtube and facebook comments.. I already sensed people accusing me of trying to sell fake as gen. I highly doubt genuine Rolex made in 2021 are nano-powdered steel after cryogenic treatment, otherwise they wouldn't scratch easily. High nitrogen content replace carbon percentage improve hardness and further reduce corrosion I've been suggested techniques to make it BETTER than GEN from many post such as metallurgy and modern superluminova lume on vintage watches, sapphire crystal replacement on vintage watches with double AR cyclops.. That might displease one crowd, fine. When suggestion techniques to make close to gen as possible, I get accused of trying to sell as genuine.. I certainly rather pay $100 for service than $300 after watchmaker suspect it's real.. I'M OUT!
  3. A question for everyone, are rep cases made casted or forged? Many say they're made from solid block but what does that mean? Forged is always prefered as metals are uniformly in one direction, unseen by the naked eye. Bracelet are probably casted. There are cryogenic treatment services locally, i could probably strengthen my watch stronger than gen... Now if chinese rep follow japanese Kizen, they would consistently improve to outcompete the genuine, as Honda did with 1990s NSX beating the Ferrari it meant to imitate. As you know, steel is alloy of many metal and gas elements. On periodic table, higher atomic number is a larger piece of element.. Over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms exist in 100 grams of element Fe (iron). In alloys, getting large and small elements together to mix evenly isn't easy. Scientists are still struggling to fully understand the mechanics in metallurgy. Chrome, iron, silicon, nickel, copper, nitrogen - all varies in size. Current high end method is, nano powered metal > forged > cut into final product > cryogenic treatment. In comparison of standard industry forged, the new method cost more, almost never done except for race car engines, military armor and spaceships... It is vastly superior in hardness without being brittle, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance.
  4. Freddy? How much is your 6542? Does it accept gen movement?
  5. Phong is 5k and thats diificult to concieve. Over at RWI, someone installed gen bridge and free sprung wheel ($400) on VSF Sub, a few were livid considering it insane expense... This probably the closest 1:1 submariner in history. 1. ROLEXROLEXROLEX written surrounding the dial needs gentle hand polishing, machine polishing is quick but often remove too much metal. 2. A gen crystal. 3. A few proper size screws inside movement. 4. Balance bridge and free sprung system. You'll fool a professional watchmaker. To be honest, I wouldnt mind a solid gold two-tone root beer GMT by VSF.
  6. Is genuine 6538 same case as 6542? How much did you pay MQ? Welding metal on is doable for most machinists, but machining it to look flush and one piece, magic is needed. I'm almost sure it'll look worse after machining.
  7. How would Minh Quy reply? Based on your experience. He sell 18k gold cases, i think he might be few or the only vertically integrated factory. MQ is likely manufactured in vietnam from 0% to 100%. Some vietnam cases look refinished from a unfinished chinese rep.
  8. I'm considering a vietnam 6542, waiting for mainstream rep is unlikely. Which watch case is most accurate? Ruby, Phong or vintagewatchesMQ?
  9. I'm not saying the best mathematicians in China should work for a replica company. At least give us an average engineer.
  10. I dont understand these guys.. All the manufacturing tools in the world and they couldn't make the bracelets similar, differential equations/derivatives for machine's movement, integral for product shape. Putnam is university level math competition. Look at top winners from M.I.T, Harvard, Stanford.. Chinese surnames plentiful, yet they couldn't replica these watches.. List of Previous Putnam Winners.pdf (maa.org) MIT students dominate annual Putnam Mathematical Competition | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  11. I lost 2 screw pins. Does anyone know where to buy replacements that fits?
  12. No word on long term reliability.
  13. Look what I bought today, Constant Horological Oil OY 32K type 1-3 30 ml (Replacement for KOCH oil) | eBay 30 ml of synthetic oil for less than $20! Few guys at NAWCC said KOCH oil are just as good as Moebius. The linked oil is KOCH replacements since they're no longer in business. Appearently Moebius oil cost over about $40 for 2 ml, enough oil for 12 watches. Some NAWCC guys are saying that's great value. I guess $20 for 180 watches is decent value. I don't buy Burgeon Tool either. Watchmakers only purchase Burgeon when specialty specific tools are needed. Esslinger does the same job at $70 a kit... $70 vs $400 I've seen a few Burgeon tools for $300 a single piece. This is like Craftsman vs Snap-On mechanic tools. They both last equally as long. One is $20 a piece, Snap On is $300 a piece.
  14. Kid: Mom? How come his watch doesn't change screens?!! Mom: He's a big oil executive, he needs 5 different time zones Kid: Dad checks many time zones too! Mom: Dad checks social-media for younger women... For research purposes. Kid: He doesn't check for oil? Mom: I'm sure there's oil on her. Kid's mind: Future business plan, there's oil on girls, must find girls. 🤑 🤑
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