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  1. I looked and its not the same. However, i cannot judge the lug length. Are cartel lugs actually longer, are my eyes playing tricks?
  2. That's great, trusty's 6542 would be my choice. One final consideration. I like a Sapphire crystal and sapphire bezel instead of bakelite. I dislike how fragile bezel is.
  3. How do I remove the acrylic from bakelite bezel? I want to relume.
  4. The ones from TD are all vintaged with high beat movements. A new dial is and correct handstack on DG movement in a must. I love how white markers pops out on black dial. Love the 3D effect.
  5. I would like correct handstack, DG movement. Ebay are now selling Superluminova Lume, maybe I could relume it. I heard JoeyB and Freddy does great dials, how much would it cost for one? I hate the vintaged dials, much prefer glit with new white lume. I want the best watch case, then modify in the future as better parts are available. How are Tiger-Concept case? The dials are bigger than current rep. www.tiger-concept.com/6542-watch.html (tiger-concept.com)
  6. Better question for me is, who sells BP factory 6542?
  7. I've been out of game for many years. What are current "buy list" 6542s in your opinion? All appreciated.
  8. A. Lange & Sohne Datograph 410.032FE Lange & Sohne, 39mm "Datograph" Flyback Chronograph Ref.403.035 (same visuals on movement) Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref 5070 Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Seagull ST19 movement They could produce any movement with modern 3D industrial printers, but for rep makers, Seagull replica chronograph is a neglected choice.
  9. I notice a decent producer called V6 Factory or V6F making very decent movement decorations but always seriously noticeable flaws on Patek's Nautilus and Aquanaut. Panerai's P.3000 and P.999. AP's Off Shores. Omega's Seamaster. They should be modifying the Seagull ST19 for Patek's chronograph movement, which is a modified Lemania 2310. It has many similarities to Seagull ST19. It certainly has more similarities than Miyota 9015 mimicking Patek's Caliber 324 S C they are attempting to create. For the icing or cherry on top, use tungsten or tungsten alloy for gold or platinum watch models. Wha
  10. Where can I source the parts of Glucydur balance and Anachron springs found in Chronometer grade 2824? I want to modify my movement. Thank you.
  11. Anything is possible, I highly doubt it is. The photo doesn't give the same lighting, same camera or same angle for close inspection.
  12. Is there a 5 beats per second automatic movement? I prefer buying an affordable movement with 18k bph than a gen 1530.
  13. torobravo2015.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_115&product_id=1660 Apparently, it's the 1st real 18k gold wrapped submariner, would you trust it? Other than date-window, I wouldn't tell teh difference between rep. or gen. accuracy.
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