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  1. Success and honesty are easily conflated and yet the world delivers so many examples where success sits next to such things as delusion and dishonesty. I suspect a personality disorder. Just because a couple of soft fruit flora’s gave you the benefit of second chance changes nothing regarding actions of your past.
  2. A credit to the flora PB. [emoji6]
  3. My words compared to the history of the aforementioned member don't even compare. I understand your position with SSTEEL but that doesn't undo his history. Just words, freedom of speech and a good healthy dose of ’coming over here’ and stirring - its done Sir, understood?
  4. Same ’irony’ for me?? No idea what you mean. What a post.... Absolutely! Ssteel is a replica watch forum banhamster legend.
  5. You have to find some irony in this post from a man banned on two of the main replica watch sites.
  6. ALE's guide to Pams is the most definitive, comprehensive and unique guide to any replica brand in the replica world. All Pam questions should start and finish with that man's great gift to Pam fans.
  7. Welcome to the forums BenC :)

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