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  1. Where is TC now as he is not in the trusted dealer section
  2. Maybe i'll bite the bullet then and go for it, S/S or T/T anybody recommend.
  3. I was thinking about buying this until I saw the movement, wouldn't you think having an open back they would put the right movement in not a 21,000 bph with stainless screws and place the 28,000 with blued one's clone or swiss it dosen't not matter, This spoils a good looking rep but is a dead give away when viewing the movement.
  4. No, you can see the edge of the date window on the 2nd picture.
  5. Date wheel not centred, to far to the right, this would bother me every time i look at the dial.When it gets round to double figures it would be OK but what about the 1st of the month.
  6. Now why would anybody buy the rep Tudor when you can have gen
  8. That Grand Seiko is a copy of the Omega Geneve Date 1972, just like our hobby, FAKE. Why pay $5000 for a Grand Seiko when you can have the genuine Omega for $500.
  9. Whats the best solution to remove my IWC from my wrist as i super glued it to my skin to hold the end links in place, please dont laugh.
  10. UK to UK I would pack a bag and have a weekend away at his/her address. Its that easy.
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