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  1. dont wanna necro but at the end i managed to get a blank gen warranty card, i wonder if now is anyone in the business of printing it...
  2. na man dw, i got a gen with everything cept that and it triggers my OCD having the plastic thing without nothing inside
  3. Hi all, i know it might sound strange but, is any TD in the business of replicating Rolex warranty cards or booklets? Thank you.
  4. Good evening as per title i am looking for a fat (flat) 4 green bezel insert, does anyone know a good source for one of it? either gen o rep it doesnt matter (as long as rep insert fits the gen) why? my gen fat four came back from service with a slim 4 insert as a replaced part 😓 picture for reference, i already searched ebay and the fat fours they got there are really far from gen (4 is rounded and not pointy) please somebody tell me someone in vietnam or idk can fix this thank you
  5. allright i'll browse it, thanks man
  6. allright thank you a lot mate, have a good day i've just realized these dealers only provide the dial, do you know anyone that could sell an entire watch with such dials?
  7. Hi there, i already tried the search button but couldn't find anything, i am looking to source a Omani (khanjar logo) \ UAE \ Qatar \ Saudi arabia dial any Rolex, could you guys point me out some TD? Thank you
  8. thank you very much for the hint, which platform should i search for the dial? ebay?
  9. Hi all, i've just received my v7 noob hulk from pt (on SA3135), i want to start my very first franken project so i have some questions: (yes i've already tried search function) - does it fit a gen ceramic insert? (how much does it cost, where can i source one) - does a gen dial fit an SA3135 ? (where can i source one (yea i know good luck with this)) - which bracelet is more accurate than the noob one? - any other mods i would really need on my noob? (cgs? bezel? crown\tube?) - is there a watchsmith in EU able to do this sort of frankenizement? thank you all boys
  10. Shadow_

    Rolex Hulk

    allright seems my hulk stays 2 mins behind a day... i am also wondering if there is any watchsmith in here able to source and fit a gen dial on it and perhaps a gen cerachrom insert aswell
  11. Shadow_

    Rolex Hulk

    watch running well, i am wondering if its possible to fit a gen hulk dial on the sa3135
  12. Shadow_

    Rolex Hulk

    copy pasting my QC from a PT v7 hulk on sa3135 http://share.pho.to/AJxIy as soon as i receive it i ll tell you hows the power reserve and [censored]
  13. wait a sec what movement is that sketchy 7750s era is over?
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