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  1. V

    RWG's Birthday!

    Happy birthday and many more to come
  2. V

    Pre-V 203/A Macros

    Great watch avitt.. Really love the end result!!!
  3. V

    SIHH 2010

    Love the 339 but the chances of me getting one are very slim.. Will see
  4. V

    My PAM 212 project

    Great.. love the 212 and yours is i think the best i ve seen.. Zigs lume-job is again amazing
  5. V

    My collection

    Amazing collection my friend.. Enjoy them
  6. V

    PAM249 OOR and a new Ammo strap...

    Beautiful.. I LOVE it
  7. V

    3646 Franken nearing completion...

  8. V

    Radium Love For the Vintage Fans

    COngrats W... beautiful dial that will become a beautiful watch
  9. V

    New Gen in the house... PAM312

    Congrats on the new Pam mate.. enjoy it
  10. Yeap.. what he said... ^^^^^
  11. Congrats mate on achieving an amazing close to the gen result.... of course with the + of the DLC
  12. Beautiful watch Randy as I said in my PM as well.. my new PAV 99 strap with the pvd logo buckle will be a great combo... btw you know you are wearing that strap inside/out? The tongue part should be reversed... check the ending on the top left of your tongeu side.. this should be on the inside but then that's what happens when you make a perfect strap like mine both in the inside and outside
  13. V

    Received a package from T...

    Beautiful... both hands and dial!!!!!!!!!
  14. V

    Panerai OEM Strap Question

    No.. they only made 26/26