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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Guys After 3/4 long long months, I'm really really happy to present my Xmas gift. Maybe not the last one of my own gifts... Stay tuned It's my new: FRANKEN ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE WHITE THEMES The Great watchmaker, the Best around here, Mr Domi did it the 1st time on a JF/J12 case. And, it has the following features: Gen dial Gen tachymeter ring Gen hour & minute hands Serviced Baume & Mercier movement with Dubois-Depraz module Mickey's Gen-spec single side AR Xtal Domi's Gen-spec AR cyclope Edge's Gen-spec DW Thinner midcase Recessed crown position Thinner caseback He built a movement's case holder (as the Gen), etc... etc... etc... After this built, Domi told me the pros of the JF's case. This is what he said: "It's a gorgeous case, they make a Gen-spec construction. No need to recut the screws (after thinning the mid-case and the caseback), no need to thin the bezel's gasket), no need to mod the Gen tachy & dial, etc..." That's why he built that movement's case holder, same as the Gen. So THANK YOU Domi for this UNIQUE piece you made for me. I have also to say Thx to 3 great members and friends Daytona1984, Micasol & Guru for their assistance and support. And a special Thx to Mickey and Edge for the parts they gave me to complete this awesome piece. Thx for watching and reading... All comments are welcome PS: I put a creamy Safari tachy ring on it (not the silver one). And I really like it as is
  2. i think that you would agree that this is a perfect match! Black & Orange! Thanks to a pal, I just picked up the Lava. I slapped on a genuine Hornback to give it a 'lil love. Looks like it's part of my car. And it's def. an upgrade over the old PVD black & Orange Orfina Porsche Design chronograph. Maybe the Lava isn't your cup 'o tea, but it sure as hell is my kind! Cheers PS. Thanks to the kind gent who owned the watch previously
  3. As soon as I paid for my AP ROO MH, I immediately contacted HKTan to order a hornback strap. From my limited time and knowledge here, I gathered that he is the man to go for AP Hornback Strap. Luckily, all the time I spent here actually pays off. Today, I received an amazing strap from Aaron. Mind you that I have seen the gen MH Hornback Strap. And IMHO, Aaron's strap can be passed as gen easily. I will let the pictures do the talking. Some pics of the gen white rubber strap I bought while waiting for the one from Aaron arrived. (I might sell this since the hornback looks too awesome and expensive; the white rubber looks a bit too boyband-ish) Here comes THE MH hornback strap: Upper part ( Hornback is big and centered): Lower part (Also big and centered): Full view: As you can see, the hornbacks line up in the middle. I don't quite know how to make sure that this is a one piece leather/hornback or stitched up. If I have to choose between one piece strap that has a small tilted hornback to this, I will take this everytime. But I think this is a one piece anyway. If it is not, then Aaron is a jedi master in strap making. Here's the wristshot:
  4. I have been looking for some time now at the ROO and now with the recent shortage I feel the need to finally pull the trigger on one as soon as they become available? I prefer the black dial so the grey themes and the chronopassion are obviuos choices being good reps and the fact that they are SS. But I keep finding myself going back the the rose gold. The black rubber bezel and rubber strap complement the rose gold and really represents an AP to me. That brings me to my debate. I know that SS is the best choice, its a rep after all and the quality of the rose gold plating is questionable. If I'm going to drop $500+ I would like some longevity. Any long time Rose gold owners out there please lend me your thoughts as well as any long time ROO owners. Did you have buyers remorse? Or are they a truly worth it? I am not going let myself get obsessed with the macro details I just really like the look. Thanks to every one for your time, advice and help.
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