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Any heavy metal fans here?

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Hi, So it’s time to start a music thread! Any heavy metal fans here? I bought by first ACDC LP with 9, then moved on to Alice Cooper, then ACCEPT, then Slayer, Pantera, Metallica, Ozzy, Bolt Throwe

Yes, in my younger days. Iron Maiden was my favorite, and Ozzy. Priest, Dio, and others as well. Some tours I went to: Maiden Piece Of Mind, Ozzy Bark at the Moon, Priest Defenders of the Faith,

Massive metal fan here too. My tastes have changed over the years, my first love was Black Sabbath and Metallica, then I moved into heavier harcore stuff like As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, All Shall

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Guest ThePhilosopher

I don't use Spotify, so I'm not much help there. Some bands you can try (I don't know if they're on Spotify or not): Devin Townsend, Periphery, Machinehead, Structures, Monuments, The Contortionist, Deftones, The Human Abstract, etc...


I finished up a new guitar build (photos below) and recorded this track with it:






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Huge metal guy here ! been listening to metal since the early 80's with i was a very little fella lol its been in my blood ever since. 


its hard to go to concerts these days though because my fiancee is a big R&B and hip hop type who doesnt like metal lol 

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Danzig when the band was Glen Danzig,Johnny Christ, Erie Von ,and Chuck biscuits on drums!Got to see them in 1993 at Irvine Meadows on Halloween night!and the original White Zombie band opened for them!That was a crazy ass show man. Also got to see Pantera at same local about a year later..AWESOME!!

sent from J

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Seen most of the Metal Bands but AC/DC with Bon Scott were amazing!

I have 70 Albums on my iPhone with most being AC/DC , UFO , Deep Purple , Iron Maiden , Metallica , Rammstein ,Bad Company , Montrose , Van Halen , Black Sabbath , Dio , Rush , Motorhead , Thin Lizzy , ETC

Old Rocker


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