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Barbour SKYFALL / COMMANDER replica


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Hi all,


does anyone know a good source for a rep of the James Bond Skyfall (To Ki To) jacket? Don't want to buy gen as ebay is flooded with overpriced reps sold as gens and I'm uncertain about the sizes, too. So a rep that's sold as a rep would be the right thing to buy:-)






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Dude, I've had Barbour jackets now for 30 years. Only 2.

15 years a pop roughly. I gave the last one to a friend who was going to grad-school in Scotland at St. Andrews, I told him it was all roughed up and aged, and that it would get him laid... it did.

They are phenomenal jackets, I rewax it myself.


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Indeed. I'm not thrilled that they've shipped off some of their manufacturing. I bought my wife one of the quilted models, not-waxed, thing was still like $400 and made in Lithuania... They claim all the same nonsense that other companies do, "process is still as good, same materials" yeah, except just cheaper labour, and consequently the jacket should cost less. They're not using their union UK shops, hence the jacket is jacked up 2-3x and their lining their coffers. 

So is the way of the world.

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