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My Franken 5002 Project Completed

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Hey Guys,

I don't post much on the forums these days but felt that this one deserved a post.  Or some pictures at the very least.  I feel like I need to say that this build was probably the most difficult I have done in terms of almost every little thing fighting me.  The project started a couple of years ago when I ordered the old style 5002 rep without a working power reserve.  I then started the long search for genuine parts.  I had found all of the parts that I needed and started to work on the old movement to use the genuine date wheel, when I was told to put the project on hold.  There were rumors that the factories were working on a new movement with a working power reserve indicator.  I waited a while for the dust to settle once they came out to see if the new movement was up to snuff.  The initial results were very positive and I was ready to pull the trigger when I was told again to hold off.  The factories were working on an "improved" V2 movement.  I was fortunate to be a part of a group buy of LPP BP's and was finally getting a working power reserve movement and the project could once again proceed.  One note I should mention is that the only difference I can find on any of the power reserve movements I have see is that some have the wheel in the automatic mechanism that winds the ratchet wheel fully jeweled, whereas other just have that wheel riding on a post.  Jewels are always preferred in the long run but I wouldn't call the other movements bad at all.

To my disappointment, The new movement would not work with the old style case.  The stem position was not in the same place.  I was going to use the new LPP case instead since the stem position matches the case tube position, but then I noticed that the LPP case lacks the strap bevels (for lack of a better term) on the back.  I decided to tackle that hurdle later once things were further along.  One good thing was that the old 5002 caseback fits the LPP case.

Getting the hands to fit also took some work.  Mainly the hour wheel.  The rep hour wheel is about 1.35mm and the genuine hour hand is about 1.7mm.  That was quite a difference and the only option I could see was to make a sleeve for the rep hour wheel to match the diameter of the hour wheel.  Once that was done the other hands just needed minor adjusting.

The date wheel was another hurdle and one of the most critical of the build in my opinion.  The date wheel almost works with the movement as is but the quickset gear won't work with it.  That left me with the option of using it as an overlay.  The rep date wheel measured at .5mm and the genuine at.3mm.  I needed to reduce the rep date wheel by .3mm so that it would be about the same height when I added the genuine date wheel on top.  I didn't have a chuck for lathe that would work, so I had to make one.

The case tube was another thing that needed to be addressed.  The rep case tube was not compatible with the genuine crown.  The genuine tube was too long to fit in the case so it had to be modded.  The genuine tube must have been coated in something because the only graver that I had that would cut it was carbide.  Once I got the case tube cut and fitted to the case I was trying out the crown when I noticed that the stem diameter was not the same.  The rep stem had a thread of 1.2mm and the genuine crown accepted a .9mm stem.  A stem converter made the stem too long, so I went searching.  On a hunch, I decided to try an ETA 7750 stem.  By luck, it worked.

Now that everything seemed like it was going to work, it was time to tackle those case bevels.  After a few trials I think that I got them close.  They aren't 100% but looking at pics of the genuine article, it looks like the rep bevels aren't 100% either.

I finally got everything together today and have to say that I am pretty happy with the way that it turned out.  So, after a long time I would like to present my 5002.

Build List:
Genuine Dial
Genuine Hour and Minute Hand
Genuine Second Hand
Genuine Power Reserve Hand
Genuine Date Wheel
Genuine Tube
Genuine Crown
LPP Case
5002 Caseback
Genuine Brown Buffalo Strap
Genuine Deployant










Modded gen tube on the left and rep LPP tube on the right


Genuine crown on the left and rep crown on the right


Genuine crown on the right and rep crown on the left











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Congrats omgiv!!!

Beautiful franken!

This iconic iwc is still my favourite of all watches!!!

Im but very happy for you.

Thanks for sharing your pride & joys!

More than 1 road to Rome...

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Very happy to see you post again! You are indeed one of the masters of this hobby, something also proven here. Beautiful 5002 - and what a journey!!

Have myself had my old 5002 rep with a modder for 1.5 years now trying to get a gen datewheel installed... Maybe an idea to go the LPP route instead.

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nicely done. I ended my attempt because of the hands and put my bp back together. kudos on making the sleeve! I may revisit this project in the future.

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