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Anyone know if there has been similar crack downs with the trusted parts suppliers?  Another end-of-an-era???

-Ruby, site login disabled and “suspect” replacement site— well…seems suspect. 

-MinhQ , unresponsive as well. 

-Yuki retired. 

-Phong still up/around from US, but selection is hit or miss and $$$$. 

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On 6/7/2024 at 6:26 PM, oldtools said:

Yuki's site is still active. You heard he was retiring?




I had caught rumbling of Yuki shuttering in 2023 and the aforementioned yukiwatch.com domain was 404'd.  However, Yuki does appear 'back' under the s-timeasia domain and regained control over yukiwatch domain. 


The Ruby "alternative" site however seems sketchy.  It feels like it is running on someones old Pentium in a closet somewhere.  LOL.  I am always skeptical of copy-cats, etc.  The fact Ruby's original site is still accessible but not "Login-able" nor responding to emails gives me pause, especially on the new copy-cat site.





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