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  1. Very impressing piece, confratulations !
  2. Oh man, i am not a Daytona guy but yours with this black bezel on black dial is really stunning; congrats on this great gen piece ! When i see a gen Rolex like this i regret one i should have kept in my box...
  3. Congrats on this great work...i don't know how to service a mvt so, bravo !
  4. I was thinking about this rollie two days ago telling me that would be great if they released that I am for the blue dial but i am still waiting to see a review because the bracelet doesn't sound so great
  5. Nice catch bro !
  6. Got this beautiful gator strap from Mario(orloff) in the mail today; great piece for the price, i recommend him !
  7. Well done, i love both especially the right one !
  8. It's very, very hard to see the difference indeed....What are the mods on the franken ?
  9. According to the space between 1000ft = 300 i would say that the gen is on the right
  10. This one looks correct to me, like the others 24-7000 i've seen !
  11. For those who want some OEM screws for our reps i just found a seller on EBAY who provides these OEM parts at fair prices...I already received some "pusch sangle bars", gen tubes and a 22mm screw for tang from this guy and it fits very well to the rep parts ! The link to the seller: http://www.ebay.fr/sch/universal007exports/m.html?item=272488651626&hash=item3f7196db6a%3Ag%3AnnoAAOSwux5YVNIv&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  12. Thank you mate Thanks, i was looking for the black sticks dial but my local AD had only the one with arabic numerals and i don't regret it This thing has a great presence on the wrist !