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  1. Oh, I assumed the CC company and PayPal would track him down rather than taking the loss. Shame.
  2. Hello mate, nice to see you on here. You should talk to the mods about trader status, your dials are beautiful. How much are they anyway? Maybe you would like to PM that.
  3. I'm just glad you didn't get stung brother. It's nice karma that he went to all that effort to no effect.
  4. https://tempus-machina.com/ customised Rolex. Very, very nice my friend. Rumour has it that the Dark Lord makes the dials.
  5. The following is meant to be constructive and helpful, so I hope it appears as such. I have read pretty much this exact post more than once before. You should be aware that many of us are on other forums. I am on TZ-UK, WUS and MWF for a start. This feels like you are still trying to out shout those that have disagreed with you. This is a replica forum, I imagine most members could care less about authenticity of hands. So instead please tell us perhaps how you came to be so interested in Accturon watches, how you acquired this piece, tell us about repair, service and parts availability of the movement, which actually is interesting and has a place in watchmaking history.
  6. I love microbrand watches. The Seiko VK63 is interesting, the best of both Worlds, Quartz accuracy and mechanical feel. It also means small manufacturers can bring chronograph models to the market at an affordable price.
  7. Hi Dave, I hope we get to know you here. The trusted dealer section is found by going to the top of any page, click on browse, then on forums. Scroll down and down until you get to watches, clothes, parts and accessories. Did you see this:- Are you a member of Homage Forum?
  8. Thank you @Legend, it was a little presumptuous of me to use "we". I find when someone has a passion for a subject it becomes interesting for me to hear them speak on it. I love watches and generally have a passing interest in any watch. I am not interested in two people continually bickering about a dispute that arose on a different forum. If either of you would like to tell us about your hobby and passion without referencing your mutual dislike, I would be very pleased to read it.
  9. But @nikki6 if we have cantankerous, capricious Mods, then this will be like every other place on the Internet and anyway what would you know about not being a nice guy?
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum. Best quality generally involves a lot of reading and research, followed by buying individual parts and either building it yourself or having it built. We have a list of trusted dealers as do the other fora. If you really want the best you can get, then it starts with reading lots of build threads and finding out what others have done.
  11. There are a few active members here with previous on RWI,
  12. Hello,and welcome to the forum.
  13. The real facts are we are not interested.
  14. I would have thought Admin decided what was and was not a category
  15. Or @StoneP he had three nice ones recently. Maybe look at their previous work and then reach out to one of them.
  16. Hello and welcome.
  17. You can just casually drop something like that into the conversation. Congratulations and let us know. It is the nature of things that kids think their Dad knows everything until they are about four or five, then they decide their Dads know nothing. It stays that way until they are about 35, when they finally realise that their Dad did know something after all. All my children know I'm an idiot. @nikki6 I didn't like to say, but it made me suspicious as did the answer that the gen movement dropped right in. It doesn't fit at all well. Then legend posted LOL and I knew something was not on the level, but didn't know quite what. That a stunt like that can be pulled here says a great deal about how convincing reps have become.
  18. Thanks. It's a beautiful piece. Bigwaved does great dials I follow his thread on HF, I never thought I'd be a Panerai guy, but once one sneaks into the watchbox......
  19. Minh Quay? If you get there, please post pictures and a report. I'd love to hear.
  20. I agree that gen looks absolutely aligned. Some of the ones on the Internet don't appear to be. Let's start a thread on yours and see what can be done. I have no idea how the bezel is fitted on the rep, but one of our brothers will. Ceramic is very brittle so If you do have a go at the alignment be careful.
  21. QueTip knows, QueTip always knows, once Sacsah agrees I'm going to jump in and say the same thing they do and look terribly clever.
  22. Given my track record, I'm not saying anything about what is gen and what is rep :-)
  23. I'm with @sgtguk on this one. I love a good franken build, but this is not going to be a rare watch. At the moment collectors and show offs are falling over themselves, paying way over list price. However Rolex are not some microbrand, they produce around a million watches a year. Soon enough they will start with other Daytona versions, gold for example, or maybe they will do something truly revolutionary like a 42mm Datejust (sarcastic). Anyway in a year or less the fuss will be on something else, these will be available at list and used examples will be available. 3000 is a long way towards the 9800 list price and it will still be a rep with a frozen sub dial. Just my opinion, but enjoy the rep for what it is, it's a very nice rep.
  24. Yes basically, plated is a thin coating, wrapped is quite thick relatively speaking and more hard wearing. You will quickly find in this hobby that you can always spend more money. Plating won't do? Buy wrapped. Wrapped won't do? Buy aftermarket solid gold parts, that won't do, buy gen. There are a couple of guys rocking two tone Rolex builds with solid gold mid links, bezel and crown. Genuine dial, hands and crystal. Depends how you look at it. Ludicrously expensive replica, indistinguishable from genuine at less cost or an absorbing hobby. Possibly all of those :-) It is worth taking time to figure out exactly what you want from a particular rep. Sometimes a hundred Dollars will do all you want and sometimes only the very best is going to make you happy. Just buy what makes you happy rather than trying to impress others would be my advice.