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    I was introduced to this forum after hunting down the best possible explorer case for a homage project. But I quickly became stuck between a rock and a hard place as I couldn't find an economical dial printer to have my custom dial produced. So having contacting JMB here I ended up going rep on the dial and having the superb JMB v2 1016 case as the heart of this build. The rest of the build list is pretty balanced for cost/availability/quality. It went together very nicely - no dramas! So here is the full spec: JMB v2 1016 case (not aged, but engraved) Gen spec spring bars Acrylic crystal Yuki 1016 dial Yuki hands ST2130 movement Currently on Choicecuts Horween leather Pics:
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    So finally after searching, searching and more searching I stumbled across this beauty, The Rolex Daytona 6239 (by DW) and bought it...in a heartbeat. I bought just the head as I thought the GEN rivet I will find one day for sure. But I wanted it to mount this icon on a Bulang & Sons 19/16 vintage leather strap. And I think the end result is really nice and it is also very comfortable to wear. The seller I bought it from also informed about a website detailing more about this particular build `Daytona small dial` http://www.hqmilton.com/watches/rolex_daytona_6239_black_dial_with_early_small_daytona_with_white_and_silve/ I especially like the fact that it is not screaming Daytona or PN or anything like `hey look at me`...but that is what I feel is so attractive about this particular dial. The subtle `Rolex Cosmograph Daytona` just between center of the watch and the coronet. What I also like about this build is that the hand wind movement allows for a very flat build (guess as per gen looking at the dimensions). The watch has wear on it just like you would expect but not too much. And the engraving finishes it off just right. Not fully noticeable even when wearing a leather strap. So now on to the pics It all started with the watch head ....and even without a strap it is beautiful But I knew I had to get a nice Bulang & Sons leathers strap for this beauty...
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    I generally prefer bracelets to straps on a 62xx Daytona, but always love seeing them no matter what affixing device their owner chooses.
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    Made the necessary adjustments to the bracelet today. End links from Justin were perfect...
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    War is ugly and winning a war requires more ugliness than most people can imagine. With the instant media coverage of every event in today's world, the general public will be privy to the reality of war and that's why nobody has the balls to make it happen. Every time a single bomb drops, we see video of bleeding women and children on the internet, 6:00 news, Youtube, CNN, etc., etc., etc....... WWII had both sides carpet bombing entire cities and towns. The general public was never allowed to see the results of that effort on the civilian population of those areas. The collateral damage and casualties were most certainly enormous, but in the end it was either them or us and the military did what had to be done to win the war. The nuclear attacks on Japan that ended WWII were as horrific as it gets. Once photos of the results were shown, it quickly became apparent just how horrific. However, at that time the Japanese were ready to fight on for years and to the death. In the end, the decision likely saved many millions of lives and casualties, but that still was the beginning of the end of warfare as we knew it. These radical extremists have the advantage, in that they have no problem with collateral damage. In fact they encourage it as a way to get attention! They also know that by living among innocent civilians, they are effectively shielding themselves from harm in today's world. I'm not sure it would ever be possible to totally black out the media from the details of war, but that is the only way for the military to be effective, without causing an uproar around the world.
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    Very...very nice. What's inside?
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    Sweet piece...I just grabbed the silver dialed version from m2m....chucked a yuki bracelet on it, looking pretty sharp. I like your black dial though, very nice.
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    Lovely watch and love the kicks!
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    Very nice piece. I dig the simplistic dial. Great choice in straps...I think I have that one too
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    Very nice! looks similar to my JMB with gen crown You have better springbars than I do tho
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    Wow bro. Congratulations!! Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
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    I shall keep you updated! Currently the highest bidder at £57.
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    Did someone say Persol 714?? These are mine: I will admit, they are a bit heavy. I also really like the classic RayBan Clubmasters.
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