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  1. Pay Pal selling question

    Thanks Guys for all the Info !!
  2. Hi Guys I m not a big PP guy and like to sell one of my watches a original Bell & Ross Orange Limited Chrono 250 online i have a PP account but actually only do payments with it ,is there any risk involved to accept PP with selling that higher value watch . what kind of secure payment method you Guys prefer to make sure you get not scammed ?? I put her on Craigslist but i have the feeling there are tons of dubious people sneaking around just to scam you out of your stuff . Thanks for any Tip how to do that deal safe !!
  3. WE NEED THAT WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Tribute to the Watchmaster

    I'm in Miami right now i have the pics in My Aruba based PC i will post them when im back in Aruba .
  5. Tribute to the Watchmaster

    Back in the days he did me the first one of those Kampfschwimmer, still love it .
  6. Its Big but i love it !! I got mine a blue dialed monster from Andrew at Trusty and it is well made keeps perfect time, the only flaw was the band was tide but a good oil splash fixed that one . I see many of the normal bentleys around everywhere but the flying b is a rare sight even here in miami ,everybody compliments the watch .
  7. Black Daytona WG Dial

    Hi Guys I'm looking desperately to get this Black Dialwith Hands for a Real Daytona ( not Rep ) to replace it with my white one . If somebody sees one up for sale in the WWW please let me know . Thanks for watching . Kasi
  8. what you drive?

    And the German based Ring Tool I love Kermit
  9. what you drive?

    And for Off Road Fun Predator X 18 Desert Racer and Redline Revolt for the Wife
  10. what you drive?

    My Island Express Sebring 12 hrs Endurance Race Cobra 427 BB .4 Speed Toploader.Willwood Brakes .Hillibrand Knock off's.42 Gallon Endurance Racing Cell .......
  11. Purists look away now...

    Here is one with some bling in it not so Bad at all http://cgi.ebay.com/Rolex-Mens-Submariner-Steel-Diamond-Dial-Pre-Owned-/250522143425?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3a54488ac1
  12. I pay him here from Aruba with WU never had a Problem . Great Guy to Deal with .
  13. Have i bought a Lady Daytona or something?

    To spot a Fake Daytona is actually pretty easy its simply to Big, so be happy to get a small one from the Big ones out there .
  14. Whats your dream car?

    The New Porsche Carrera GT 2 RS
  15. Eddie Lee

    Hi Damsey long time ..... Porshe Rules !!at the moment Carrera GT3 RS and 911 996Annyversary Model as daily Driver.