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  1. All beauties. My first ‘modern’ rep was a Honpo PAM ... 16+ years ago.. lol.. love PAMs.. miss all the ‘old skool’ reps that many of us purchased at the time but thought were flawed and we were just waiting for the next ‘big thing’ or ‘improved version’ so eventually traded off.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello WIS Daytona 16500 16520 experts... I have enough parts for another 16520 build and looking for a case.... these are not my pics but the Vietnam vendors that were sent to me.. what are the experts evaluation here ... I am not an expert in the details... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. is there a source for pam dw's? 7753 particulary for frankens? pm directly is ok thanks! cheers!
  4. who here remembers watchtrader.cc ? Good to see a lot of familiar names.. of course wishing everyone wellness and health... especially health. 🙂 absolutely amazing quality on some reps nowadays.. and also amazing crappiness.
  5. hi Ken, We still have all our items, they are loved. best wishes going forward.
  6. RE: 111M Noob Factory vs H Factory 111M Now both factory make a M Version Any thoughts on the comparison of these? Someone should work up a spread sheet on all these versions
  7. interesting... i thought these were LONG Sold out and discontinued. My dad loves his! enjoy!
  8. USA pricing for cable and tele cannot be compared with international services. we pay dearly for these services and at a fraction sometimes of the throughput however we save at the petro pump aka GASOLINE
  9. use a RAZOR and get ride of your F E A R !
  10. i suspect the datewindow you received was from the latest version ROO with AP sourced base movement and a DD module on top, because none of your other frankens experienced this issue. which cyclops did you use?
  11. AP Rep Dial on Gen Movement we have seen pics over at RWI and Here of several versions of these projects as follows: Gen Dial/Rep Movement Gen Dial/Gen Movement Rep Dial/Rep Movement :-) Rep Dial/Gen Movement now about that last one... Guru's RBII looks great and Sander also... and we have seen sander make a franken Gen Dial fitted to a A7750 with a 2893 DW mod Link Here now... how about a REP Dial on a GENUINE movement w/ an ETA7750 DW so that the .5mm offset of the DW is correct when utilizing the Rep Dial??
  12. i believe any eta/asian 7750 stem would work. What is broken on the crown? the treads or other?<br />if threads then you will have to replace both the tube AND the crown.. check DSN he has an updated set of these as i know the OLD cases were notorious for stripping. atb
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