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  1. I think it looks great. I'd put it on an ocean racer. I love Breitlings on rubber.
  2. Don't own one but have always wanted one, since the very early days. There used to be a bit of a snob/ macho stigma against them. I think they like amazing, and love PVD'd 113 ir 114. The white Daylight looks great as well.
  3. The KW, is this carried by PT as well as PC? Thank you!
  4. I apologize for my laziness but I thought I would ask the experts which version is the best? Or is there a version coming we are waiting for? Thank you!
  5. And BAM! First thing on TZ when I just checked. No B&Ps though. Get him down to under $4000 and you have a great deal, especially if you don't plan on reselling. http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=6836178&rid=76544#msg_6836178
  6. I ended up selling my tri 024 for $3500 on TZ. The tri was starting to crumble in spots and the ass who I bought it from never told me. Thankfully he keeps using me as a reference so I get to kill some of his sales here and there. I took a $800 hit on it in under a year. Anyway, scour TZ abnd then check every 6 hours and you might get a deal.
  7. These are so good I would consider selling my gen.
  8. The box that came with my gen U42 is beyond ridiculous. It easily weighs 5 lbs. I don't know who would sell a gen box without a watch though. http://s747.photobucket.com/user/PrimeStraps/media/U-Boat%20U-42%20GMT/IMG_9950_zps4ac9dc8d.jpg.html
  9. I had a gen, bought a second strap for it as well, and sold on TZ about 4 months later. It just didn't have the heft and feel I like in a watch. Straps are crazy expensive for LW. Rep looks pretty great, I'd def buy a Spidolite if It gets made.
  10. So there has been no improvement on this since the launch? I've been waiting, thinking they would eventually sort it out. Bummer.
  11. Exactly! I am very interested in a piece like this. Are they available for order?
  12. I don't know about that, they already have the watch done perfectly, they just need to nail the bezel. I would expect it will be near perfect right away if they pay attention to the ticks. Maybe the CB could be off but I never pay attention to the back anyway. Edit- I didn't realize this was 47mm. You may be right.
  13. Holy crap, it's at $455! Someone actually thinks they might get a steal. Reported.
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