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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday Pix!

  2. Thx indeed for the great organization, it was a cool and friendly atmosphere, and I enjoyed meeting new friends ! Pix
  3. I have something called Agenda : when I book a date on it, I won't plan anything else then. Makes sense. Hotels rooms can be cancelled... except when you book the uncancellable one 'cause it's cheaper.... Anyway, everyone has good reasons to come or not. No bad feelings with that. But please, don't ask a cancellation or postponement because you can't join. Think to those who would like to meet. There are possibilities for other GTG anytime. But cancelling 2 weeks before is not something I would welcome... at all.
  4. Sorry to hear that guys... Regarding the date : maybe you should think to those who already booked and paid the hotel ?
  5. I love the white on white and rectangle shape on this FM. Beautiful strap too. Can you point me to a dealer that sells that model ?
  6. Hi folks I've seen that it's possible to purchase the thing separately for 148 USD from TT. http://www.trustywat...roducts_id=5153 That might change the look of my HBB : definitely looks sexy. Any experience ? As the beast is not cheap... Thx for the feedbacks.
  7. Today I have made an other major step in my project HBB by changing the rotor. 2 pics of one of my longest projects : - thick AR'ed crystal by FineDD. Already had a K2222 AR (this was a light version originally), but it was too bluesih IMO - correct brushed bezel - real CF dial - thick datefont - smooth strap (just for a different look) - best looking movement : all silver, low beat movement to have a (dummy) regulator - gen looking rotor : thin engraving, flat gen like bearring To do : - stick a correct H on the movement bridge - find a black datewheel, if any is available with a thick white font. Both exist on the gen, but I prefer the black visually - caseback crystal AR coating, just for a better look - find a ceramic bracelet (I have the "plastic" one that comes on V2 reps) - movement servicing, although not necessary yet - relume ? The rep one is good on the hands.
  8. Something different The Portuguese is the nicest Panda I've ever seen, but I would not recommend it for the movement issues we all know.
  9. That was some kind of humor... I believed
  10. Not sure, but I've been told a gen has been dissected to replicate it, and that it's most probably the best replication of the year... Oh, and I forgot, it's almost 1:1, as you can mount a gen bracelet on it.
  11. Not wanting the answer doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on how to avoid this in the future. I don't want to land back on RWI with the idea that a similar story may happen again. So as you were ready to talk about this subject (fully aware of the comments that will come), I feel I was right to express this opinion. For my prize, I will PM you but kindly need to remind you (as we're not alone here and your answer might be misread) that I contacted you twice (once before and once after your illness >> thanks God you're safe) + 1 time in the thread itself. I'm a member on all boards, so I have never disappeared from the scene. If I do, I'll say goodbye for sure That said, my disappointment has vanished (although I stayed ) and whatever we discuss in PM, the prize (if hardware) will go for a contest when RWI's back (they'll be back). No offense I trust. Aloha.
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