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  1. Voting will be at the end of the month.. I'll set up a vote poll with the names listed.. everyone is deserving fo sure !! keep in mind the "spirit" in which this is intended, not to say one member i better than the rest.. but rather to appreciate hard work and the support to the Community !! the "Spirit" of the event and not the trophy is the intention .. AC/Lani
  2. thank you B .. I'm feeeliinn it .. again.. I hope for participation ... it's nice to be humble.. as long as it's not being humble and wanting everyone to know it .. as a 'Team" we should embrace the members that are recognized.. that's all .. no more no less.. Humility is to know who and what one is.. merely Human.. So with that said.. can we "Do this" ??
  3. keep the names coming.. As we all know full well.. no one member makes a "Team" or Community ... what makes a community great is the mind set and actions that so many do.. we all know this.. we all believe this.. personal recognition is not anyones ultimate goal.. But as we move forward as a Community it would be nice to recognize members whom have put forth the extra effort to keep RWG the best .. as the members who have demonstrated this by actions in the past .. really, pass that mind set on to the next generation of Noobs... therefore ....Any award that is given,... I am sure will be accepted with Humble Humility ... This is a way for all of us to participate .. in the "Community" This is not to say one member is better than another.. but rather to recognize the "Mind set" of support that starts at the Top with our Admin.. most "Outstanding" award recipients will agree.. that without each other nothing would be possible .. that is a given.. I've never seen a TRUE Champion say ,.. "thanks .. I really desire and deserve this" So keep the Nominations coming.. there are many who do things not for recognition nor praise.. but in this instance it is an annual event that we ask 2 members to display the banners to show pride in our Community...
  4. I'm still waiting for a priority from CONUS to Hawaii .. usually takes 4 day's .. it's week #2 my point being that all shipping has taken a hit with lay offs and closures of Postal offices because of the economy .. it is what it is at this juncture in time..
  5. Hey common guy's .... as long as the member named to this award doesn't get an attitude.. and if he does.. the Hamma can just say good night Gracie ...
  6. Rock Stars not Operatic Prima dona's .. although Andrea Boccelli is ma fav vocalist ... and like all virtuoso's Mr. Boccelli has the flair for the Prima dona persona So our Admin team wears tight leather ??
  7. Usually in the Steam room with the Mach 5 and shaving gel.. with the heat and steam .. I get such a close shave I don't have to shave twice a day...
  8. maybe not eligible for any member of the year award... but none the less .. recognition, YES !!! .. we should post any and all thought's.. when it comes to time spent for what amounts to the Love of the community.. these Gents have it all !!
  9. If I could name one member for all time that exemplifies RWG's standard of Support.. it would be Ubi... for everything he does for the Community .. But knowing Ubi.. as I have had the pleasure to do so over time.. he is not into individual recognition and stuff.. still.. it needs to be said.. Ubi is the perfect blueprint for who and what this Community stands for.. expertise in Watches and support for all other aspects of the community.. !!
  10. Agree ... our past member choices will be very hard to exact.. but remember we are not a group of "All Stars" .. members who can be looked upon as ones that lend support ... not necessarily in watches.. but as in fellowship etc. someones gotta nominate the Hike man.. cause I take myself outta doing so...
  11. It's that time of Year again Gang !!! Time to nominate and vote on the 2 members whom exemplify our Community !! Time to pass the torch ... RWG ,.. as all have learned, is really more than just Watches ... it is about Family and "Team" .. we have done so many great things as a Community and have supported each other through good times and bad .. With the "thought" of the RWG standard (which IMHO is higher than any Social Network around) .. let's have your nomination for Member of the year (with at least 1 year prior membership) and your Nomination for Newcomer or "Rookie" of the Year .. (any member with less than 12 months of prior membership) Members Nominated need not be a "Supporter" (contributing member in the way of $$) ... Awards will be announced at the conclusion of the voting. The Nominations and voting will run through January and the Members for the 2010 Awards will be announced on the 1st of February .. Go ahead and nominate yourself if your that way... Nominations are limited to 1 for each category .. per registered member. Admin Team will have the final say on any discrepancies that may arise ... Give a brief paragraph on your nominations.. as to why you feel the member should uphold the RWG standard of "Support" Good luck to ALL ,,, WHO.... will wear the 2010 RWG member of the Year banners on their sigs for 2010 ???? AC/Lani
  12. So, who we got for 2011 Rookie of the year ???? Since Red proved to be well deserving of the nod .. amy as well make this a yearly event .. AC/Lani
  13. I like the "patina" look myself on TI .. It goes a little darker than the fresh new look.. But if you wan to bring the brillance to TI .. I would recommend the fiberglass brush .. Because it will refinish the metal with a very fine "satin" finish as it looks when new.. And it will restore the metal to a lighter shade.. The pen erSer will do that but it's hard to get nice even strokes .. You can use the fiberglass pen the same way you would a paint brush .. Following the contour of the case .. I refinished a Vintage Doxa case with it and it turned out nicely. Just use even strikes like your "painting" a new finish on it @Hike .. Long time bruddah !!!! Good to be slowly easing back into the "passion" !!!! AC/Lani
  14. Pen eraser for me also.. Making sure the strokes are even ... Whatever you do.. Do not use any type of polish as it will put too much of a sheen to the metal for refinishing the fiberglass pens work really well...
  15. I'm definitely fellinnnnn.... the ... HOLIDAY SPIRIT, after that rendition.. ... At least it's not the verse .... "Now we don our Gay apparel"
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