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  1. Because the site's security certificate has expired
  2. I thought the 42mm didn’t have a bevelled date window?
  3. I can’t open the link, but that pic above is of a 45mm Planet Ocean
  4. OMG0311? looks very nice, but too small for me
  5. Admin

    Happy Birthday kez!

  6. I'm not using my rep TG strap and am in the UK. I swapped it out as soon as it arrived
  7. great review - you've just made me buy a gen only(!)
  8. the cheaper version arrived, and it does have red on the second hand. both look nice to be honest. dunno which one to keep. doesn't help that i've just bought a gen omega seamaster bond doh!
  9. the gen original version doesn't have red on the second hand http://www.tagheuer.com/the-brand/stars-ta...=WAE1110.FT6004
  10. nope. i actually received the more expensive watch EDIT: to clarify, it was just the watch, no box, case, papers, etc... would still have rather had the more accurate dial though Andrew's sorting it, so it's all good
  11. yeah, that's the one i ordered. i received this one though http://www.tt88time.com/index.php?main_pag...roducts_id=1812 which is even less accurate lol although, it's growing on me
  12. and received the wrong watch (again) <sigh>
  13. i just ordered the jap quartz version from andrew. i prefer the original non-dimpled dial it's also half the price
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