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  1. Yodap, they also have the roman numeral dial on SS its available in 3 colors; ivory, black and blue. I have the black myself. I'm hoping they come out with the ivory that 1 is a real looker
  2. Wow thank you so much guys!!!! I've been a bit AWOL from the forums due to work but RWG never ceases to amaze, you guys rock!
  3. Hi everyone! So my friends band is entered in this jansport battle of the band competition and they could really use your guys help! They are 1 of 8 finalist. If you could take a minute and goto http://www.jansportbattleofthebands.com/ and click "Vote here". The name of the band is "Wyldlife". The winner of the competition gets to play at a festival in Kentucky, all expenses paid for by Jansport. They are an up and coming group and this could be amazing opportunity to get some free publicity. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it guys!
  4. Hey man, life is good! Even though our economy is in crisis you must always remember there are people in this world that would kill to be in your shoes Your livin' the life, playing poker on the beach? Sounds good to me! A word of warning, be careful with bodog, they are going under. My brother has over 100k locked up in his bodog account and they wont cash him out. Keep your head up man, just like poker life has its swings. Good things are coming your way!
  5. wearing the evo on leather for a change
  6. I'm with BROM on this one, the BCE definitely gets the most compliments
  7. I made a post about this watch a while ago but didn't have any good pictures. Just came across this, it's the new super avenger blacksteel. I think it looks pretty awesome, if only my wrist was bigger I would definitely get this. It's limited to 3000 pieces
  8. A good site that a member here referred me to awhile back is http://www.timeman.net/ - a very good source for gen bracelets for rolex
  9. If there's one watch I regret getting rid of, it is this one. But i'm glad you are giving it some much deserved wrist time MP Might have to get one of these new 1's and swap the ETA dw in there. Wonder if they fixed the wobbly crown problem?
  10. I concur with what dave said above. I dont think it makes much sense to put a $700 real diamond bezel on a $250 rep. That said, if you do you will have 1 awesome rep and i'm sure the lady would love it. I think women wearing breitlings = hot!!
  11. I have to say that at first I was skeptical due to the low pricing. I paid around $700 for mine, and I was very impressed when it arrived. Every person I have shown it too, including the AD I bought my evo from assumed it was a factory diamond bezel. Mine doesn't have the diamonds on the side of the bezel but it is still stunning in person. The diamonds are sparkly, shiny and brilliant looking. heres a few more pics. Hope this helps!
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