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Generic Drugs Forum?


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No he is not asking about replica, generic is like a supermarket homebrand.

For example instead of buying a brand name butter you buy the Woolies brand, it's cheaper for a number of reasons one of which is the packaging.

I don't know if generic is offered in drugs overseas but here in Australia we are often asked if we want a generic drug instead of the far more expensive brand name when making up a prescription, it is the exact same drug just not from the maker who charges the most.

That said we also have PBS here in Australia so even brand name is usually cheap.


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The generic drugs market in many ways resemble the Rep watch market.

There are top quality makers out there, who will deliver at significantly lower prices than the branded products we often are restricted to buy. An expample that ran in the press for quite a while was HIV medication which was available in countries like India and South Africa at a fraction of the cost charged in Europe. Due to patents, the lower priced generic products cannot officially be sold here, and the owners of the original patents tried for a long time to keep the generics out of the markets in all countries.

As you correctly point out, there are a number of pretty dodgy suppliers out there. But also some very good ones. 

As in the rep market, the trick is to identify which are the quality suppliers.  But whereas I have found a handful of helpful sites covering Rep watches, I have not seen a similar one for Pharmaceuticals. Hence my question in this thread.

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